1. I think it’s cause of how her other albums were received in comparison. Pure Heroine only ever peaked at number three but lasted a long time on the charts and had great single success with Royals being a smash hit, Team being a very solid moderate but still big hit and minor hit in tennis court (this is based on US stats). It also recorded acclaim and won two Grammys.

  2. i get what you're saying and you're actually right. i just think that projects that chart inside hot100 shouldn't be labeled a flop, no matter how long they stay there

  3. this is a subreddit for ella and the sub has an "opinion" flair so what about it?

  4. Lana has always had amazing breath control. Off to the Races is especially hard.

  5. uj/ it sucks that nicki is a shitty human because grand piano is such a damn good song

  6. well, almost all of them who we look up to in this genre have their own share of being a shitty human being. it sucks, really true. if we separate the morally upright from the morally corrupt, we would be listening to no one

  7. idk if i understood it right, but is this, OP, your subtle way of letting us know that today is your bday and everyone has forgotten?

  8. They are average. A bunch of average white Starbucks goers think they are deep and insightful. Wankers

  9. you forgot to include the Big Thief's instead to complete the long titles πŸ˜…

  10. if you think themiβ€˜s flop album is better than NFR! youβ€˜re a faggot

  11. well in my defence, this topster isn't categorised by what's best but most listened to πŸ˜‚

  12. This is gorgeous but I always feel like her songs follow a certain same progression this era. I could use anything to shake it up because I'm struggling to differentiate between singles. :/

  13. Same. I passionately choked when she did that vocals in Verse 2. Not a bad song so far, and this is probably the best amongst three.

  14. He’s really nice too. Makes him hotter.

  15. Every time he opens his mouth I find myself loving him more. πŸ₯°

  16. I agree. He's in touch with his emotions. Articulate. So nice. Kind. Passionate. Andrew is a dream man.

  17. People who call themselves rappers when they can't even rap & write get nominated for Grammys and those who actually deserve it get snubbed continuously?

  18. I've always wanted to see Rebecca Black succeed but she's never really had a song that I'm a big fan of... until now. I have it on repeat it's so fucking good

  19. Sounds like a great dream. It was probably one of those dreams where you really wanted to listen to the EP, but couldn’t.

  20. Yes. πŸ˜‚ I remember looking at the titles, searching them on YouTube to download for offline listening. I can't remember the titles now

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