1. It's quite sad that genetically blessed or people with average genetics have the audacity to tell people who were less lucky to "jUsT lEaRn ThE bAsIcS." I know, if you have average genetics it's probably impossible to fathom what it means to have shit genetics. So let me clue you in.

  2. Dude, you need a reality check, if you're doing all of that and not noticing progress, you either have some severe body dysmorphia, or some of those variables aren't as on point as you think (would bet on training).

  3. If he would post physique maybe this whole thing could be settled. Maybe dude looks great and he’s totally out of touch?

  4. It’s possible tbh, the same way people with severe anorexia can think they’re fat when they’re pretty much skin and bones.

  5. one else know about testosterone cypionate and DHEA. Roughly 2 months ago I took two shots of 160 MG of cypionate and DHEA. The reason I took those 2 shots is because I was abnormally low in testosterone. After the tiny 2 weeks cycle I've been able to gain weight and I can definitely tell my testaone is raised.

  6. DHEA isn't an anabolic. Taking test when you're low on test makes zero sense. I don't know why you've done that but you need to clarify a lot of concepts or get in touch with a professional for whatever issue you're experiencing.

  7. It was thru a professional, please clarify why that makes zero sense. What else would I do to get my testosterone up?

  8. Injecting exogenous testosterone won’t make your body generate more by itself, rather the opposite.

  9. My left arm is 15” and my right is 15 1/2”. i keep trying to do unilateral exercises but the difference seems to keep growing. Even on pull days my left arm feels more pumped and more worked out because i’m using weight ik it can handle even though my right arm is stronger and could lift more. is there anything else i could be doing?

  10. So your left arm is like a 5% smaller, do you think that has any kind of relevance? Just keep training.

  11. I don't know if I came to this realization myself or if someone else said it, but to your point, have you ever noticed anyone else having arms that looked imbalanced? Probably not, which means likely no one notices on you.

  12. For real, unless you compete there’s no situation where you would notice the difference on someone’s arms.

  13. What is the process of becoming a classic physique pro as a beginner in the UK? considering you are training without a coach. i.e where to find competitions, coaches for this purpose etc

  14. If you're a beginner, aiming to be a good amateur first, not everyone can turn pro. You probably don't need a high level coach yet, but if you can afford it you can go for that, among the UK groups

  15. thanks for the answer, yeah I would of course take it step by step. Any advice on how to find competitions? Or would I just start by contacting coaches and taking it from there with their help on registering and finding for competitions etc.

  16. I’d let the coach guide the decision process, they’ll know what’s best for you with where you’re at.

  17. Same shit as the women who say that being fat is having a “real body” lmao

  18. I hate this so much. I've seen it on fitness apparel brands where someone comments "finally a REAL body!" on some overweight woman's pic. Such a backhanded compliment to the lady in the picture lmao.

  19. Hi everyone, I had a surgery 2 months ago that made me stop working out while I was in my bulk peak almost reaching my weight goal. During my bulk I got some fat that now I’m really insecure about. Now that the time came to start working out again, should I bulk again to give my body enough recourses to get back all lost muscle that was lost because of my surgery or should I be on a 50-100 calorie surplus to slowly get back the weight/muscle I lost. The main problem I have is that now I just feel like I’m just fat bcs muscle is not as visible as before but I trust muscle memory. Answered would be appreciated.

  20. Unless you’re a very muscular guy, muscle memory should still work while cutting as long as everything’s done right and the deficit isn’t too steep.

  21. Yeah. I think I was doing too much protein (200g) and not enough carbs. Recently been doing closer to 1-1.25g protein/lb and more carbs. After my current rest week, I'm hoping that will be the ticket along with more reps in reserve. I just like to eat and try to get 30+ grams of protein per meal for maximal MPS. Probably need to switch focus to carbs for recovery than protein for MPS, cause if I can't recover than optimizing MPS is a mute point, maybe even causing the issue as my body is working overtime with maximum mTor signaling 4 times a day.

  22. Macro split is highly unlikely to have anything to do with, if anything it's the total amount of food but still, there's probably something else.

  23. If my failure point on bench, incline bench, overhead press and dips is all the triceps/lockout part of the movement, does it mean I should be training more triceps or does it mean my triceps are getting battered to shit by the fact that they're getting taken to failure on all these movements while chest/delts aren't?

  24. I’d bet on weakness (relative to the lift), the demands on the triceps in those lifts aren’t that much to generate a lot of fatigue, besides dips.

  25. Seems like it, I think it came from doing a lot of but not fully locked out dips and pushups over the pandemic years (my city was crazy for lockdowns/gym closures) that has my chest so much stronger, because I used to always be able to grind lockouts if I could get the bar off my chest or shoulders past the midway point. Now I'm failing 75% of the way up

  26. You could try doing a few exercises that target that portion of the movement, like pin presses or banded smith presses (as in making it harder at the top).

  27. Is 1 hour for back squat (5x5) and BSS (3x5) too much?

  28. Yes, and unless you’re training for powerlifting, a 5x5 in back squats is rather questionable.

  29. It's not simply the amount of sets. Growth comes from accumulating enough reps close to failure, so for that goal you don't want fixed rep sets, but rep ranges with a target intensity, in barbell squats that could be a 3x6-10 at a 1RIR for example.

  30. Subjective question, but what would you consider the best oral PED that has minimal effects on the liver and low cancer risk?

  31. Too much individual variability, you'd need to at least get bloods and check how it affects you.

  32. Saw something earlier that “blending food and drinking it will make the body digest a small amount of food and end up with shitting this food out of the body.” Those exact words. In other words, your body doesn’t need any time to break down the foods since it’s in liquid form, so it goes right through. I’ve never heard this before. How valid is this?

  33. If anything is the opposite, blended food requires less processing by the body and probably ends up absorbing more calories. Earlier today I saw

  34. PRs in random exercises have little correlation with hard training, in fact, strength training (as in low rep max rep progression) usually requires submaximal intensity sets.

  35. Slowly increase calories over time, move more, train harder, proper recovery/sleep management.

  36. Can I conduct a poll? If you do 5 sets of 10 with a fixed weight and on set 5 you could not of possibly done another, how many Reps were left in reserve on set 1?

  37. No reason to do 5 sets of 10 with the same weight if your goal is to be bigger.

  38. If u cutting what do u usually eat in the morning?

  39. Barring other specialty kit like pendulum, belt squat and tru squat machines yeah, a smith is more akin to a hack than a barbell or leg press for sure

  40. Ugh, I know your pain lol having a subpar structure for squats sucks. Thankfully like you say, hacks solve the problem for us.

  41. Watching tom platz makes me green with envy lol. Back squatting is just so good as well, I’d kill to just effortlessly sink into depth while remaining upright and stay injury free and balanced

  42. For real, barbell squats are such a cool and challenging exercise, but if you don’t have good proportions for it they’re not worth it at all, they end up being some sort of good mornings lol

  43. That’s a big “if” tho, in the US tips are pretty much mandatory so the cost for the customer has that included, that’s where a big part of the difference comes from, besides that, probably rent I guess.

  44. Well the topic is about the US and Europe, so thought that’s what you were referring to.

  45. But my point wasn’t related to that, simply stating that a big part of how drinking and eating out here is so cheap are salaries

  46. Yeah I have fat kid metabolism or something lol. I was maintaining 2lbs above my profile pic (hopefully it is clear) for like two months now. Maybe I'm not necessarily hungry all the time but I could honestly just eat and eat and eat I'm never really full.

  47. They are only estimates that has proven themselves over 4 weeks of maintenance where I kept my food intake and activity level fixed. The “proof” lies in the my weight remained stable. That is all. But it works since I can now do a lean bulk being confident in how much i burn daily.

  48. But you cannot calculate where the expenditure comes from. Your later point is true tho, the info you get with that is what your current maintenance is, which is pretty much the only thing that matters.

  49. Is cardio for 1hour a day bad for off season? Eating 100% clean currently at 228 going for 235-240... Just can't seem to let go the cardio (I enjoy) How much will it impact many gain?

  50. Depends on what "cardio" is, if you're running for an hour per day it's probably far from ideal, but if it's just low intensity it's fine.

  51. That's perfectly fine then, it doesn't have impact on your joints, should be similar to simply walking at a decent pace.

  52. Depende... Si en el futuro quisieras hacer oposiciones, los títulos sirven para tener más puntos o en empresas públicas (banco de España, CNMV...) los procesos de selección te piden tener la carrera terminada. Luego hay empresas con titulitis, en Repsol se decía que sin título superior (carrera de cinco años) no contrataban a la gente, aunque tuvieses "padrino".

  53. Eso es cierto, en esos sectores es diferente, yo me refería más a empresa tradicional, salvo para empezar que quizá con una carrera tengas algo más de posibilidades, no se tiene en cuenta.

  54. Te aporta curriculum que te puede ayudar en el futuro. Nunca sobran las cosas que poner en el curriculum,¡

  55. En informática concretamente los estudios son irrelevantes si ya tienes experiencia laboral, se valora mil veces más eso.

  56. What kind of PCT is suggested for a ostarine only, 25mg 7 week cycle?

  57. Bloodwork. And generally, don’t mess with your hormones to do a shitty SARMs cycle.

  58. Can I gain back muscle mass (after a long break) while cutting?

  59. If your bf% is already a bit too high, a small deficit may be the best option, you'll probably recomp due to "muscle memory".

  60. No, actually Ive always maintained same body fat (15%), My goal would be to gain somepounds on a normal bulk first 2 months and then do a cut, do u think I can gain back the remaining lost mucsle mass while cutting since it aint new?

  61. Greetings everyone. I'm a 28 yo overweight male (256 lb (118 kilos) , 5.7 (1.76 m), and my greatest flaw is my severe lack of self esteem.

  62. Glad to read something in your mind clicked.

  63. Second using the Smith Machine for squats. Swapped it out from Barbell squats because I was bending too far forward. Feel it WAY more in the quads and able to get to depth while keeping my torso upright.

  64. That’s true for most people, unless you have very good proportions, barbell squats aren’t really good for quads.

  65. How bad is it to eat 1-2 meals a day in terms of nutrient partitioning and absorption?

  66. It’s surely worse for performance and gaining muscle, but my biggest issue with that approach is the mental aspect, every person I know that has done a similar thing (me included) ended up too food focused and with what could be the beginning of a minor eating disorder.

  67. True, but I think this may be largely due to bb'ers neurotic relationship to food and macros to begin with, combined with a restrictive diet. I mean, had I not cared about muscles and could just eat a huge plate of veggies and shrooms and be fine, I think I'd do well with one meal a day

  68. That’s true, it mostly applies to anyone keeping track of their nutrition, learning how to do it without obsessing and being hyper focused takes a while.

  69. I mean ideally I’d like to see: Lower full retirement age to 65 Social security should pay enough to actually live on No taxes and full medical coverage at 100%

  70. That’s not magic either, it requires low unemployment rates, decent salaries and most importantly, not having an inverted population pyramid.

  71. Don’t use straps. Your max is what you can lift. Hold your deadlifts 5-10 seconds on the last couple reps of your top sets to increase grip strength

  72. And he has him doing keto 3 weeks out while being natural, yuck

  73. Ham was the post workout meal of choice last night...

  74. That's always a good choice lol. Don't leave without trying out a good seafood paella, one of the most delicious Spanish dishes by far!

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