1. Just give me back my coke, onions and body odor!

  2. I can’t smell my own body odor anymore either! I never tested positive for COVID but I had a bad cold in march and completely lost smell. It came back with the exception of my own body. I used to be very aware if I had any odor and now nothing.

  3. We have used Integrity Movers about 5 times and they have been excellent every time (including in one of our houses that had to be loaded from the top floor of a 5 level house!). I have recommended them to a lot of friends and never heard anything but good things about them.

  4. Second integrity movers. I have used them personally twice and also worked with them for a few family members moves. Excellent service every time.

  5. House of Japan in Dublin has a pond with clear tiles in the lobby that you walk over.

  6. House of Japan at Polaris has the same feature. Went for a kiddos birthday this year and they loved it.

  7. We stretch our budget to allow a monthly cleaning but man I need someone who can just help pick up. I’m always drowning in toys and can’t keep stuff off our counters no matter how hard I try.

  8. “Some girls” (as opposed to “some women”) leads me to believe this is a minor which makes it even sadder

  9. I was about 33 before I stopped using girls instead of women in conversation. They are probably young but that language doesn’t automatically imply she’s 16.

  10. If you have Anthem Insurance you can order them online or through the app. Mine have frequently arrived next day.

  11. Pro tip, you can add Planned Parenthood of central Ohio to your Amazon and Kroger accounts for automated donation.

  12. There’s a lot of hate for new COSI, especially from people that have nostalgia for old COSI. But it’s still pretty great. I take my kids regularly and they easily kill 3 hours and we still have to pick and choose which areas to see.

  13. Only Cooker I remember is now the Texas Roadhouse on Bethel

  14. There was a cooker in Dublin on the corner of 161 and Post rd. There’s hotels there now.

  15. They actually make some sense heating and cooling-wise. This one is just sketchy looking.

  16. Agree. My in laws live in a similar house outside Dayton and it is delightful. Theirs is well maintained and on 5 acres with a barn. This house sucks because it’s not maintained and owned by a hoarder, not because it’s underground.

  17. This feels good to hear. Our house has VERY recently become the hangout for 7 year olds and it’s been a hard adjustment but I’m glad my kiddo finally has neighborhood friends.

  18. Take a scenic mule ride up a mountain. I’m afraid if heights. Imagine: you’re 4’ in the air, rocking back and forth and no longer in control of where your body is. On a steep cliff path. The mule behind yours is mad at how slow the group is going so he keeps biting your mules ass. Your mule doesn’t like getting bitten so he is regularly kicking his legs out behind him to kick the other mule. Did I mention the cliff. TERRIFYING

  19. Lakamo Recruiting in Powell is marketing research. However, they limit how often you can participate. I think it’s 1 every 6 months? Pays well, varying levels of difficulties. Sometimes it’s 2 hours answering questions about paninis in their conference room, sometimes it’s a week trying new diapers on your baby and wrestling to take 5-6 photos of diaper fit every change (this one was a struggle).

  20. In Worthington it is $250/mo for full time after care through the school’s program. Our school opens too early to offer before care. Our private daycare option is $122/week.

  21. If you have anthem insurance you can order them through the app and they arrive in 1 day.

  22. Groovy had a ton of super spicy peppers in varieties I had never heard of when we visited for Mother’s Day. I got an apocalypse scorpion just because of the name.

  23. Worthington Pools (which is different than the Worthington rec center) definitely has private lessons. Their website has a mix of online registration slots and information to contact instructors directly. We have worked with Andi and Laurie in the past and loved both.

  24. Highly recommend COPC Riverside Pediatrics just south of Bethel and olentangy. The biggest advantage over other pediatricians is how easy it is to get after hours appointments. I've called at 9pm and had my kid getting seen 30 minutes later at their after hours center in Westerville before.

  25. I second/third/ whatever this recommendation. We have been going there for years. Their after hours support is great. We have called after hours on numerous occasions and gotten in to see a dr on nights or Sunday’s.

  26. It adds 20 minutes to my commute when it happens and there’s also frequently fender benders from the slow downs.

  27. You’re gonna have to face the nutsos to get them down. They never leave the signs and there’s usually 4-5 people standing on the bridge.

  28. I grew up down the street from there. I wish I had a picture too. It seemed like a glorified gas station but my parents loved their deli counter. It was my chore to collect our household cans and then we would take them down to the golden goat can crusher in the Tag parking lot.

  29. I love Sunny Street. I know they’re a (small) chain, but their menu is delicious. Plus there’s never a wait for brunch.

  30. I’ve been happy with piercings from Evolved. They did my second lobes, a helix, a forward helix, and a rook.

  31. Tarantos is seriously the best, big fluffy crust. We were a die hard Hounddogs family but we moved up north and tarantos became our new fave.

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