1. That child is gonna be born with battle lust

  2. I mean where is the bandage costume from mk9?

  3. How can you forget THAT when it comes to rating mileena's customes (its 20/10 in my opinion)

  4. Would you recommend elden ring to someone who loves witcher?

  5. Wait what happened??? DID YOUR LOADING SCREEN CHANGE???? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??? Contact cdpr support right now

  6. Maybe it's because your chat is blocking your vision??

  7. Ayo where yall at?? Care for a round of gwent?

  8. Ma man did it with no rage and no resurrection stone . He got some balls

  9. Now you can officially say this to everyone "you'll choke to death under 3 pounds of steel"

  10. Imagine suddenly hearing "LELELELELELELE" when you are enjoying the sunrise

  11. I really like "Let You Down" song but SAMURAI ALL THE WAY MOTHERFUCKEEEEEER

  12. Fuck radovid comin' straight from kaer morhen

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