1. Take this debate outside the uzi and carti community and lir2 would be favored


  3. I mean considering it looks like she’s whipping what seems to be at the latest a 2021+ model Lexus…

  4. Finna say, we’ll prolly get a announcement for its release on his birthday💀, Pink Tape not coming till Christmas prolly at this rate

  5. because mf said “i take a cranky and smack the ceiling” in a song for kids lmfao

  6. How is Cole better than drake artistically. Genuinely asking bc I feel like coles only good album through and through is 2014 forest hills drive

  7. Bro gon be vibin wit the burner to his cranium

  8. Wtf. Ssgkobe, Midwxst, bigbabygucci, kevin kazi, tyfontaine, Lucki, Unotheactivist. Lone raps his ass off fym. Listen to put that shit on & fuk goin. Then u got a bunch more mfs that blew and aren’t even underground anymore

  9. Glad someone knows about Midwxst, I would include DC The Don but he’s very close to blowing up I feel. Xhuloo is good too, yvng Chris and baby Santana are starting to become mainstream a lil also.

  10. I think bandit needs this buff. No reason to pick him over kaid.

  11. At first I was like nah, but after thinking about it imma have to agree.

  12. They don’t know nothing bout him🤫

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