1. Genuinely can't wait to see to see Ford win this award for all the MCU projects he's doing now.

  2. I tell myself I'm over gratuitous fan service, but there's a good chance there's going to be a reference in this movie that'll make me piss, shit and cum in joy.

  3. I don’t know what country you’re in or what their healthcare system is like but you should see a doctor

  4. Yeah there’s no way I can get all three of these addressed at once.

  5. I'll never understand how people prefer college basketball to the NBA.

  6. I typically don't watch either until the playoffs because there's just too many games making the stakes feel low.

  7. Same. The single elimination is the best part by far, and is deservedly one of the most fun events to watch in sports.

  8. In hindsight, the 2011 team shouldn’t have been a surprise. They proved they could do it, and that 2011 Pats team was easily the worst Brady-Bill team to make it to the Super Bowl.

  9. The Giants did have the worst defense in the league that year though. That being said I had full confidence in the team to make a run because Eli was a god that season. Every game was a 4th quarter comeback win, and after beating the Jets and the Cowboys back to back to clinch the playoffs, it felt like we had a real shot.

  10. The Patriots had the second worst defense in terms of yards per game that year. As always, they did well in points allowed, but they had a hard time getting off the field. It showed in the Super Bowl. Eli completed 75% of his passes and the Giants held the ball for almost 38 minutes.

  11. Andy Reid never won dick without Mahomes, who may be the second best quarterback of all time when it’s all said and done. Shula didn’t win a Super Bowl for the last 20 plus years of his career. Parcells wouldn’t have won shit without Belichick.

  12. Neat. But Shula and Mahomes won Super Bowls with one quarterback each. When you want to shoot that high, Super Bowls are all that matters

  13. Two episodes drop each Sunday. One for each director. Minimum three hours long.

  14. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Fuck That Movie.

  15. Ah, back in a time when the Sand Man could star in just about anything and have it make over $100 million.

  16. Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Forrest Gump, Cast Away, Romancing the Stone - some amazing classics.

  17. Motion capture and CGI advancements ruined his brain. He's made so many ugly movies in the 21st century.

  18. It's an incredible oversimplification of things. The roster has been severely lacking, and even if Tom stayed, we probably tap out at the divisional round at best. And to say that QBs were "coached" at all last year is laughable.

  19. I guess I'd put personnel on the GM side of the fence rather than his acumen coaching players.

  20. How can this not be the worst? This is as close as a victory you can come close to without actually getting it. No one would believe a comeback this big in this stage would be possible.

  21. And to make it even worse, the Falcons don't have past history to lean on, or a moment of redemption to cancel it out. The 04 Yankees had eons of history on their side. The Virginia men's basketball team redeemed their loss to UMBC the next year. Hell, even the Seahawks were going for a repeat when they didn't run it with Marshawn.

  22. You're not kidding. Knowing 28-3 exists made this year's Super Bowl loss sting a bit less.

  23. And coincidentally, it's the reason losing to you guys the next year didn't hurt as much as it could have.

  24. They’ve shown more than this gameplay, and it really does all look like DLC

  25. Like what, a combined five minutes of trailers? They are holding so much back. After seeing the leaked art book I'm convinced of it.

  26. Imo if we stick with Mac and we keep failing to bring in top wr free agents, pats are going to be a consistent .500 team missing playoffs or a wild card exit. The afc east is only getting stronger and pats can easily be dead last this season. Do people really believe Mac as qb with Juju as wr1 can compete with the firepower of the bills, dolphins or jets? Im not a huge fan of Lamar with his injury history and hes prob gonna have a huge drop off in a few years but it would be better than spending the next few years missing playoffs

  27. Or, maybe Mac isn’t the solution, and the answer is better than an expensive injury prone quarterback.

  28. From what I’ve read, it’s been going on even earlier than that sadly

  29. I’ll refrain from any further statements as people are very sensitive about QBs.

  30. I only got around to Ted Lasso this past fall and thought S2 was good. It felt more flawed and overreaching than S1, but not some huge drop in quality or anything and I had a good time. Maybe it helped that I didn’t have to worry about months of anticipation or week-to-week tedious discourse (the existence of “nicecore” debate feels like a parody of online film/tv discussion).

  31. Once I realized this, I stopped listening as much. The takes are crafted to drive engagement. Nobody is actually going to listen to a radio show where all they do is talk about how great the home teams are. It’s boring. They purposefully throw out controversial takes and put callers with same on the phone. Felger even said as much once on the air.

  32. Exactly. If you listen and get mad, it's on you. Talk radio has operated this way for decades.

  33. Yeah, they did sort of start over. They're currently doing a system where one week they'll do an episode from season x (so far 1, 2 and 3) and the next week an episode from season x + 10 (so 11, 12 and 13) in both cases chronologically.

  34. It's been a while since I've followed the podcast, but I wonder if they are doing the old seasons again to push their original run with Chris Antista to the shadow realm.

  35. Good chance I die having only bothered to watch one Ghostbusters movie

  36. You should get acquainted with our good friend, Vigo, at least once.

  37. I remember being SO hyped for it. It was a year after Tom put up record SB numbers in an insane shootout, and the upstart McVay offense was gashing people left and right.

  38. I think unless you are a Pats fan, the whole thing would be a blur, but there were some great defensive moments in the game.

  39. -17 point differential in Super Bowls and still 3-2.

  40. And that -36 comes entirely from Super Bowl 20. One bad game can skew everything.

  41. Yeah, for me, it’s the human trafficking aspect of the whole deal, and the shady way that the entire case disappeared.

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