1. okay got it i’ll look into that tomorrow. and yea idk why i sound weird when speaking in a fem voice but yea i’ll try that tm

  2. Thank you, def gonna try the K2 based on all the replies

  3. if u can somehow get ur hands on a moment wildcat 101 def try that out too.

  4. I think they might have one, might have to add that to the list. Love the top sheet too.

  5. def try the wildcat 101. absolutely banger of skis. tho i do prefer on3p but not sure if u can get ur hands on one. if u can go try a j102

  6. I have had excellent boot fitting and ski mounting experiences at Viking, as have many friends. No concerns from me personally there. Also of note: the last binding I had mounted there was a tech binding, not the easiest, and no problemo. Takes a minute though - leave yourself plenty of time and if you are on a deadline follow up with them.

  7. I’m sure they replaced them for free then? If it won’t ruin a day of skiing I just waited to get mine done in Breck and SLC. Viking is only a ski/board shop and seems quite busy so I’m sure they’re mounting tons of skis a year.

  8. oh i was talking about rei lol. the dude there drilled through on all 8 mounts. might go to viking or just wait til i head out west

  9. as a trans women myself, no. people have preferences it’s not transphobic dw.

  10. Hey Lexi! It sounds like this is pretty much identical to the last clip. I'm curious what you did in between, and what a broad change in size sounds like in your voice? To my ear there's still that sort of yawny, hollow sound that is characteristic of underfullness, and while I think intonation and stuff will make a difference long term, it's probably best that you sort out the body-expressive features first before moving forward to avoid conflation. If you could post some audio of shifting from a large sound to a small one, we might be able to better pinpoint some adjustments you can make.

  11. okay okay i’ll do that tm. i’m currently at home rn so my parents would hear me

  12. It's not just the toe box that is roomier on the TBL (aka Soul Shell from FT days). It's just plain roomier: more room in throat and more room over instep: it is a more volumous boot. (and no I am not talking about the even roomier FT Evolution shell).

  13. found a really good deal for the TBL’s on bobleisure and blue-tomato. ppl say they’re reputable websites. ordered my look pivot 18’s at $260 from bobleisure and got them today. they’re brand new. idk about blue tomato some ppl say they’re good. they have all the k2 models on blue tomato

  14. The TBL pro has the same last that stays a bit wider through the toe box. Otherwise they’re the same.

  15. hm i thought the cuff was taller on the pro and shorter on the tbl

  16. The catalyst for this should make it spit out ice bolts as it flies along its path.

  17. I agree that vft.1 sounds the most natural and feminine. I feel like you’re on the cusp of really finding your voice :)

  18. okayayaay yea that’s how i feel but it feels so close but far

  19. Okay. My impression based on the recordings I've heard of your voice would be that while it's getting smaller than your baseline, it's not quite getting small enough to sound full. I would try something like this as an exploration:

  20. What exactly have you done to explore resonance? Any specific exercises or ideas?

  21. like big dog little dog, the voiceless exercises, and the ones with like flicking my throat

  22. i have more of this… public void isEven(int number){

  23. 6 hours of fun 😀😀😀😀 (i’m dead inside i wanna kill myself after dsc flawless i’m never doing anymore dsc’s)

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