Post Game Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (10-7) at Kansas City Chiefs (12-5)

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  1. I love Lona Del Rey a bit to much and while for the most part I listen to Muse while in the gym, there are days I listen to “Born to Die” the entire album by her.

  2. Damn how did I misspell it like that lol.

  3. Atleast I’m not the only one lol. Are your moons gone to or is mine the only ones because I haven’t seen my moons since like elementary school.

  4. Showbiz: Falling Down, Overdue and Escape

  5. When Joe Webb started because Ponder was out against Green Bay was a snoozer

  6. If Ponder played that game, we would be talking about Ponder on a different level. Not on an elite level but on a level better than where we see him now lol

  7. At the latest kickoff is 6:40 but like what Matt said, they are really good at sticking to the time

  8. I never drunk alcohol before and every super bowl has been very enjoyable except for LI lol

  9. There's no chance 49ers can keep up with the bengals in the SB right?

  10. Maybe. Bengals have a lot of young players full of vigor. On 49ers though, their defense is the key to victory

  11. Jimmy will be traded and take a starter position but honestly, I don't feel he has what it takes to make it. He's extremely injury prone also. Rhule will probably try and grab him from what I've read.

  12. I like the Rhule take. The panthers are desperate for a QB even if it’s a bridge QB which Jimmy G can be and a good one at that.

  13. Also shoutout to the Bengals for proving that the overtime rules don’t guarantee a victory for a successful coin toss call.

  14. Seriously one of the best defensive plays in playoff history

  15. Yeah. Eli Apple almost had that right I think (almost a walk off TD).

  16. Flemlo is going to have a banger video

  17. Bengals over Raidahs, Pats over Bills, Bucs over Eagles, 49ers over Cowboys, Steelers over Chiefs, Cardinals over Rams, these are all the opposite of what I want to happen.

  18. 54 tried his best “die lit” impression


  20. Maturing is watching Bald Omniman and Natural Hypertrophy

  21. I actually didn’t know Bald Omniman posted videos!

  22. Me neither until recently. I thought he was just a commenter type of person but no he uploads to my surprise.

  23. Natural Hypertrophy made a good video on this and he also talked about the supplement industry as a whole. If you have an hour to kill this is a good video.

  24. I do sit-ups, leg raises and Russian twist w/ a dumbbell or kettle bell. The other two can have resistance by (for sit-ups) holding a plate behind your head and having a dumbbell held in between your feet for the leg raises.

  25. In crypto world people think a week is a long term hold .🙄

  26. For real then you got someone who holds for a month and says they are honing in their diamond hands.

  27. No one is as transparent as rich piana was, right babe.

  28. Was Ryan Fitzpatrick some kind of sensation at Harvard or did the Rams just take him as a 7th round flier because he was a genius?

  29. I weigh myself every day and track the weekly averages

  30. That’s seem to be better because you get to see how your body works in terms of weight and also the average is a by default a good gauge.

  31. It also gives you better gauge of what you need to do with your diet based on what goal you’re pursuing.

  32. Yeah I got to my leanest doing that. Nowadays I’m hovering 10 pounds above my leanest which isn’t bad, but if I see it steadily going back up more then I know I have to cut something out.

  33. Battle of bull run is where he served

  34. What’s everyone tripping over? Something happen? Like seriously. I woke up today and everyone is tripping out and I can’t figure out why. Like what meltdown caused this moderate panic? I get that sol is at $200 and many are unhappy about it for the moment … what happened?

  35. Many people have gotten into this not less than a year ago, so they are less likely to have diamond hands per se.

  36. Yeah hopefully when I’m done with med school I’ll have enough to atleast cover for most of it like half of the cost and still have some left over to keep in.

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