1. It's not as glossy as real Lego abs plastic. You need gloss and vibrancy in the yellow.

  2. Unfortunately I haven't read that yet as I've just finished dune. But once I get around to it I'll probably be making a cover!

  3. HeyoI was just having some fun for a school projectDecided to follow a tutorial,

  4. I believe that’s called a pencil.

  5. A very very nice pencil that I will never need to replace!

  6. Ah yes that was the word I was looking for LOL.

  7. It's gotta be dracula please, and if reverse dyesub is too hard, pls dmg

  8. Sorry for the bad photo the camera doesn't focus well on small objects, but there is a slightly visible line which is the seam I'm talking about. Thanks for any info.

  9. Can’t rly decide right now. I have 2 GMK sets unused atm (laser and classic retro) but don’t think they are a good match so need to keep my eyes open

  10. bro you have to put beige on that. that would be absolutely sick

  11. are you positive it is going in the right way?

  12. I believe so, if I try to reverse or flip it any other way, it wouldn’t go in at all. I also found a video of someone else modifying stabs on the same keyboard as mine but they’re able to put theirs in easily.

  13. hmm that's interesting, is the wire put into the stab correctly?

  14. *Note that this is a render, not a real picture.

  15. could you bless us with a sound test. then it will probably be easier to help out

  16. Get something with more rocker then and like 100mm under foot. And stiffer bc you get the heavier snow near the coast.

  17. so would you say either the arv 96, or revolt 104 would be good? How is the hard pack performance on the 104? Because in socal i'd say it's 50/50 between groomer days and soft days and i don't want to have a bad time during the days where there isn't a lot of soft snow (the snow off piste tend to freeze/harden after a week without new snow).

  18. The hard pack ice performance is way weaker for the revolt 104 than the arv96. The faction is good I and I have seen people out west that love them but I wouldn’t recommend them due the durability issues, especially since it’s going to be your only pair of skis.

  19. ok i see, thanks for that info. I've heard that faction has beefed up their skis this year, is that true in your experience (or what you've seen)?

  20. Try putting your hands on your lap and pedal

  21. I really wish kndfans would fix that Q key mold. Only thing putting me off getting epbt double shot. This set looks real nice

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