1. There are no states with water shortages severe enough for that. There are some restrictions on when you can water your lawns sometimes but that's about it.

  2. 6 figures could be 100k. After taxes probably about 65k. Not likely that even saving 3k/month happens for most especially if they have kids and any college bills or live in a hcol area.

  3. Bring each child a donation box. It is up to them to fill the box. They can donate a lot of small things or only a couple large things. That volume of stuff must go.

  4. Hot take would be that, yes, it is a BAD idea. The point of decluttering is that you no longer possess these unnecessary items. Moving all of your clutter to your friends empty house sounds like an absolutely terrible idea to me, but then, I have no hoarder instincts and am not in any way compelled to keep things that impede on my quality of life. Do the work. Let it go. Donate what you can and make peace with throwing things away. Moving it all to another location just feels like avoiding the problem. Face it. Do it. You're on this sub for a reason. You can do this.

  5. Wanting Serena to suffer because she is a "bad woman" is literally the exact ideology that Gilead is based on.

  6. The prestige dialects of English (Standard English and its regional subdivisions like Standard American English, Standard UK English, Standard Australian English) employ a grammatical feature called negative polarity which generally means that negatives cancel each other out.

  7. Basically, it's grammatically correct if you ignore grammar completely and just go with popular slang.

  8. Learning to process those feelings of stage fright is part of the lesson. Children need to learn to deal with unpleasant feelings and need to learn how to cope with not getting their way or having everyone cater to their preferences. This is part of maturing.

  9. No, it doesn’t matter. Just thought it was strange because you haven’t experienced anything there other than waiting around for the next flight.

  10. In what part of the world is your nieghborhood located!?

  11. What made the most sense to me was what my therapist said about the thing which differentiates all things you mentioned from "actual disorders" is: are those things that you're feeling making it impossible for you to live a healthy life? If yes, than that's what makes it a disorder.

  12. I'd like to see Luke leave June and just go live his life. June treats him (and everyone in her life) like absolute rubbish.

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