1. If it's not on your account, but you're being charged for it, then this sounds like a fight for a courtroom.

  2. They have looked like the pic since I started buying them for my son about 4 years ago. I think honestly people just have nostalgia goggles with these like so many other things.

  3. I felt like they were linking her to Hannah, not Serena. If I remember correctly it showed June gardening right after it showed Hannah gardening at wife school.

  4. If the doors were free-roaming and could move closer and farther from things, then I could understand them sliding close, or closer, but in this context, no, I think it should be closed.

  5. Exactly. The only way a door could "slide close" is if it were far away, free-roaming, and floated across the room to you. I'm quite certain that is not the intention here.

  6. A sign that says something along the lines of "staffing is hard, be grateful anyone showed up to work today".

  7. "if i say "the team didn't miss but one shot" we all know that i mean "they didn't miss any."

  8. Tom, a plumber, and Katy, a stay-at-home mom, live in a middle-class suburb of Ohio.

  9. Make up some holistic treatment that stops you from getting a cold. Tell them you won't get sick if you put fresh eucalyptus in the shower with you, or if you take a spoonful of elderberry every day, or sleep with socks on. The internet is full of stuff like that if you want a "source" for your solution.

  10. Might be controversial but I would switch to buying expensive, really good quality chocolates. Eat one. Enjoy it.

  11. Valet trays are in the bedroom or dressing room though, not the living room. They would hold cufflinks, watch, pocket square, etc..

  12. If OP is looking to buy one online, tell me that's not the easiest way to find what they're looking for...

  13. You could find it that way but only because people tag their posts with anything similar to maximize hits. Search for "tray" or "decorative tray". Valet trays are traditionally smaller than what's pictured.

  14. Me, I just wolf down the pork and shrimp noodles at Vietnamese restaurants.

  15. How the fuck can you think a third of the US pop lives in NYC?

  16. A third in NYC, a third in Texas, and a third in California. Guess the rest of the country is just empty.

  17. I remember watching an episode of the show Monsters Inside Me where this 16-year-old kid was doing something outside and a fly flew into his eye. It only made contact for about a microsecond, but it was enough time for it to lay eggs. After they hatched they started eating his eye from the inside and he was starting to go blind until a doctor finally figured out what was wrong.

  18. Watch shows/movies with characters speaking in the accent you want to learn and turn on closed captioning.

  19. I immediately assume that they are old and don't know how to adjust their zoom to a size they can read.

  20. There is another option. Because you are under 18, you would fall into the category of "Junior bridesmaid". Junior bridesmaids wear a more modest version of the bridesmaid dress, typically ballet slippers (or very low, conservative heels), and minimal makeup, if any. Maybe just some lip gloss. They carry a smaller bouquet and only attend age appropriate things like the rehearsal dinner and the bridal shower but do not attend the bachelorette party or help plan those events (the adults do that).

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