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  1. Indian podcasters don't even ask basic questions. They invite someone n ask a few basic to cover time. Never cross questions logic or to understand better.

  2. When they only expect meat in ur tiffin: Muslims :/

  3. Involvement of US n Israel in a legit revolution will give an excuse to the IRGC to go on a rampage on its own people. But civil society should condemn it. And make Mullahs ashamed of themselves.

  4. 1L realised (options experiment) 1.6 L unrealised. 4.1 L profit. it's not much but it's honest work.

  5. AMT true BBC documentary showed same digging in Tajikistan where Aryan migrated from with the inscription in Vedic India.

  6. BBC documentary on India episode I or II, famous documentary.

  7. Porn in 3GP as phone storage had less capacity. More content always 3GP.

  8. Life was so slow back then as if we lived so much more.

  9. I agree, don't let your children be deprived of that nostalgic fun. And if you are a dad supervision k naam pe tum mat sab chorr Dena...

  10. I believe having that kind of money that you don't have trouble in getting visa for any country in the world is rich.

  11. Prices are not increasing, it's people who are lacking purchasing power.

  12. Guys have this misconception on the slapping thing. Every girl have told me to stop it. They don't mind the spank though...

  13. That's a straight A+ crooked women from her face.

  14. Olivera is super legit. Guy is gold. Same love for Aldo.

  15. These people just have bones and muscles of a human. But they are not humans. Shame! Street of Kandhar is safer. Taliban would have behaved better. Just contrasting...

  16. Israel is an apartheid state who is one of the grossest violators of UN conventions. But US support never gives them a bad media. When U take their home forcefully. Kill & injured their children. That's what happens to a married ordinary women. People are so bias dumb and an assole. That a unfit short untrained women is trying to stab a trained well build krav maga man but will blame the women. Shit in Israel-Palestine is pathetic. Humanitarian crisis. Israel is shameless, US is shameless & UK is shameless.

  17. I have pretty much countered everything you said few times already in other comments, have a read through them, you can comment there if you disagree.

  18. I am an ordinary human & would like to talk to someone similar. Not someone who has done PhD in hating a community, ethnicity, religion day or night and earns a living by being a parasitic internet troll. Checked ur profile I know what you do...

  19. Yeah.. struggling entrepreneurs like you with no values and moral ethics, who are just jealous of the successful ones!

  20. Why are you hating on people who are struggling. We will make it. Silver spoon wala crony nahi chahiye. They focused on goals to ship coal to Dubai invoice it in a shell company send that coal back to India with increased prices because they have setting with govt. How focused? You should make a YouTube motivational video.

  21. Woww! U know I have no value, moral, ethics. I know how your perception will change once I have a billion. U are that kind of a person. But apparently u know Adani to be ethical, U know a lot about the goodness of Indian corporates & also the filthy no ethics, no moral common Indian man.

  22. BTW I am not jealous of Tencent, Zerodha, Vivo, Flipkart they created innovated and made money. But some people take public property like coal, ports and airport, rivers and make money out of it at our expense. What disgust me are numskulls like U who blindly wag Ur tail without having any knowledge. Means I am from 90s but boomers will call you one stupid dumb fuck.

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