Did a boat building course for two years and build a woodenjetski with a friend. First a half year of drawing, designing then a year and a half of building from scratch. Let me know what you think about it.

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  1. My preferred way is not taking it cause I’m staying Natty until I can either afford better stuff (Tren, HGH) or until I stop being a bitch and just believe in my journey

  2. Woah buddy, I’m way way way down compared to you. Not even worth cutting losses at this time. I’m way underwater and just stopped looking at it, but I’m also a terrible trader. If I get out from this one at break even I’m getting an advisor.

  3. Any way you could post the full version on Imgur? You can watermark it, I would really like a high res for my desktop!

  4. Very rare to have 6 bundle. There are only a couple 6 wire bundles, WV has a big one and IN has a big one. 765kV is generally 4 wire bundle. ;)

  5. Yea I’m 6’4” I’m going to stand as close as I can to the stage. It’s absurd to think you’re going to stand 200’ back so someone else can see.

  6. There profit margin is 5%, anything can happen however I sold 15k shares at a loss and not going back

  7. Yea I should have sold at a manageable loss, but down almost 50% now, I know there is at a minimum $10 in the stock and I’ll get out at 30% loss. At this point I think this has enough in it for a 40% gain from current levels and I’ll exit.

  8. Thanks but I don't know why you are so sceptical? They officially hold 180kg/400lbs per handle but unofficially they tested and held up a small car with them so I trust them. It's like a car seat belt material. Very strong.

  9. I’m not a math major, but if I weigh 220lbs and I’m accelerating upwards it would be my body weight plus a portion of my bodyweight while accelerating. Add a couple plates and I would be 400 easy.

  10. Ok, my math isn’t that bad, so yea 400lbs per hand is more than enough unless you’re Thor.

  11. This is 100% accurate. The real shooters are what we call ‘silent professionals’ unlike the person who claims to have done it

  12. Actually had a tenant die in one of my properties.

  13. It’s almost as bad as losing your username and password to a gaming forum.

  14. I mean, if you want to look at crime stats by state, New York doesn’t even break

  15. Amazing work, sweet back. But I don't want to wait 5 years 😔 😞 😢

  16. That’s achievable in less than 2 at that age if you’re focused, have a program, change program, and really concentrate on what you’re doing in the moment.

  17. Possible, but would have to be dialed in and probably not have any injuries or setbacks of any kind, and most people have lives so I think 3-4 is a lot more realistic. I’ve definitely taken my sweet time. Will probably look only slightly better in another 2 years and that’s fine w me. I have young kids to enjoy watching growing up, a marriage to keep healthy, and a career to crush. Fitness is key but not the only thing in life for me.

  18. 100% you’ve made great progress and you have a solid balance! I’m not degrading what you’re doing at all, I think it’s achievable quicker without the same positive lifestyle you have!

  19. Amazing, the CBJ is slick. Gritty though…. I kept scrolling for that mess of a mascot. Well done!

  20. You’re taking Ostarine and bragging that you’re exceptional? Without any before or after or current pictures?

  21. i think something also important to call out is that AEP could, but has chosen not to, modernize the grid for Columbus; with modern hardware, we wouldn’t be in this situation. And that the strategy with which they shut off parts off the grid disproportionately affects poorer communities. It sucks, fuck AEP

  22. AEP is modernizing. You can’t do it overnight, the amount of resources needed aren’t there. Want to make money? Become a lineman… I’d venture to say a union lineman makes more in a year with benefits that you would imagine and there is a critical shortage.

  23. No but you can certainly learn from your mistakes from nearly 10 and 20 years ago and make changes so that it doesn't happen again. AEP clearly doesn't learn anything from experience, they did this to themselves.

  24. Yes I’ve seen my error the heat is melting my brain, someone send help.

  25. It literally is, when you lose 2% of your water weight you start losing cognitive function. It’s the equivalent of being .08 BAC. Please hydrate and find electrolytes

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