1. KDM = Kraft dinner market in all seriousness most “KDM” cars are heaps of shit

  2. Kia Stinger more like Kia Finger because I give the finger every time one gaps me in my 2000 Ford Escort

  3. Those stingers are slow nothing special especially the 4 cylinder model pile of junk

  4. You’re the first person that says Subarus are hard to work on, easiest cars ever IMHO. I won’t work on Mazdas they piss me off.

  5. You have to remove the engine to do a head job, which they all need at 125-150k miles. Many fasteners are blocked by other components, and even regular maintenance can be difficult on some models.

  6. That’s false they don’t “all need” head gaskets. And you can do it with the engine in but it literally takes an hour to remove the motor unless you suck. Regular maintenance (alternator belts brakes) are way easier then most cars

  7. Walmart CEO conp is a rounding error to retail theft. CEO comp was around $25 million, and theft losses are likely north of $500 million. Target just announced they expect more than $600 million in retail theft losses in 2022. Walmart is likely more.

  8. Let’s all steal from Walmart make a national day of it

  9. Looks like this guy didn’t have a auto zone in his town so he had to hit up the dollar store to deck out his ride.

  10. The best looking eclipse is the Eclipse cross aka the wagon Eclipse

  11. If it’s the location on the Linq promenade I can say I’ve been there and the food was not good. I went twice when I was in Vegas and both times it was very meh.

  12. Seems like everything is shit and over priced in Vegas

  13. Wait, you mean a risky investment isn't paying off?

  14. Except real estate is generally seen as a safer investment.

  15. Right but you’re comparing it to gambling at a casino.

  16. 19" inch wheels are a rolling liability on public roads. Give yourself a fighting chance and go down a size to run a meatier tire.

  17. Id disagree you probably just have shit tires. Pilot cup 2 19” on my STI and it’s glued to the road. My wheels are forged not worried about them getting bent

  18. I mean, I wouldn't classify Continental ExtremeContacts as shit tires. What you're not considering is the local roads that the driver and car need to deal with everyday--in a place like NYC, driving around with 19" wheels is a recipe for bent rims and a super uncomfortable ride.

  19. Yea potholes do suck just gotta get familiar with the roads and remember what ones to avoid. Part of city living but the body roll you get with 18” tires makes it feel gross

  20. So all we need to do is steal and we can get rid of Walmarts? Seems like a win win all around.

  21. Both quarter panels are toast and the floor as well that would cost 20k or more to fix properly

  22. Well tell your wife I got my entire Vegas flight refunded and also got a credit for next year. And my parents just received a cheque for their flight to Poland that was delayed a couple weeks ago.

  23. Yep just because you and your wife failed at getting any compensation doesn’t mean others can’t succeed.

  24. I thought it was a Hyundai Elantra at first wow you’re right it is a Nissan

  25. All Hyundais are steaming piles of shit. Their success just tells you that the world is full of suckers that fell for their marketing.

  26. The only reason to buy a Hyundai is their 10 year/100k mile warranty. Beyond that fuck that

  27. They won’t even honour the warranty if you buy the car second hand I’ve heard lots of stories of them trying to come up with excuses

  28. Everyone makes a stupid mistake sometimes at least he managed to get it back together

  29. Nobody disagrees with EVs being cleaner, they’re just not cheaper to drive when you factor in the higher purchase price and compare it to fuel savings you’re not ahead.

  30. Well, to be biased here, putting a lug nut on the right way when its a bulge type should be common sense. Especially since now, strangely enough, the tool you JUST USED doesnt seem to fit again.

  31. men are biologically programmed to desire youth and fertility as women have much shorter biological value windows than men

  32. They’re being listed as 1beds, strategically not photographing the lack of door. Listed by reputable real estate firms. If you’re correct then they’re definitely committing some sort of fraud

  33. Gotta have a closet and a door to be considered a 1 br. No door is a bachelor

  34. Well a glass door is still a door “technically” and yes my place does have 2 closets all Sliding doors

  35. it's there. it's the Edelbrock intake. never seen one before. not sure what it's worth.

  36. I meant the air filter and piping for the intake

  37. If he has proof of proper build then it can be reliable as hell. Have a ej255 I built in like 2015 that’s had 22psi of boost from a gt35 turbo thrown at it and 100,000 miles of abuse still runs like new

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