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  1. How to make sure she comes back from a suicide mission to save the President after his plane crashes into a city now turned into a prison.

  2. Mine was a coupon for Wendy's coupon sharply scribbled with a sharpie but I now have a million Trumpie Buckarroos, so I have that going for me.

  3. The console isn't the biggest barrier to gaming, the price of games is. And streaming a game sucks in the US, and Google cant be trusted not to dump a product.

  4. I was shocked when I saw the 3-5 inch transformers going for $25, it is just plastic. I think these companies are going to have a rude awakening.

  5. The arrow is actually pointing at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. Kennedy Space Center is just above and to the left, which is even closer to the center of Ian's path.

  6. Got to keep the common man (person) down. Rich get richer, you get inflation.

  7. As much as Toyota does not want it to happen, EV is the future of the automotive industry. It is time for everyone to get on board.

  8. Pffft, Prime sales are nothing but cleaning out all the crap from the warehouse. Digital garage sale.

  9. I have never found anything worth buying during a Prime sale. It is all crap. But if you look a Target and how they are doing sales...they are worried.

  10. Brett Farve can now get a new deal with Mississippi, Farve Chargers where they pay him $10,000 to put his name on a $2000 ev CHARGER.

  11. Guy here, telling to stop jacking off for 2 weeks, no porn, don't touch the thing. Stop smoking, stop drinking.

  12. Wow nice click bait. Next your post will solve all my problems with one simple click.

  13. Actually yeast activation would be of greater value; you can make alcohol from it and solve more of your daily problems with it.

  14. Isn’t there a limit on how many trips to and from the VAB it’s rated for? Thought I read somewhere it’s only got two trips left before bits of it need rebuilding

  15. I thought there was a limited time the solid rocket motors could be stacked before they needed to be unstacked and inspected. This is looking a lot like when the shuttle first exploded, NASA making exceptions for their safety protocols. NASA needs to say, look we missed 2022, lets pick a date in 2023 and go from there.

  16. That was you? Thought you looked familiar.

  17. At least I didn’t get caught at the theater with the sticky floor and pee wee Herman this time.

  18. "Look we can treat our belongings anyway we like and who let the chattel start speaking"/s

  19. Nancy whispers "I want something big and black, could you help me out with that Santa?"

  20. I pay the lousy $8/mo for ad free youtube. TOTALLY worth it! Especially if they start doing this crap!

  21. The rise of adfreetube is in the works

  22. It is already here, you just have to pay for it. I cannot watch YT without the subscription, it is too painful.

  23. Do you go to double prison if you’re poor and black?

  24. No water, no healthcare, poorest state in the Union, you might be better off in prison in California than free in Mississippi (my old ass spelling Mississippi... M.I.S.S.I.S.S.I.P.P.I).

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