1. Legoshi just stands by and watches, looking deeply concerned.

  2. Honestly, a branching story game would fit Beastars amazingly, and allow for lots of "what if's."

  3. That, and the possibility that at one point, Paru was writing Louis to die. And if he dies, Juno is next in line for Beastar, making it likely that she’ll pass segregation laws that clashes against Legoshi’s ideals. Boom, new antagonist. So many possibilities for branching, evolving storylines in the world of Beastars

  4. I think Detroit: Become Human, memes aside is a great example of this.

  5. I have to say, Reading AOT after Beastars was an incredibly cathartic change in pace.

  6. Or a rollercoaster of emotions depending on how you look at it xd

  7. Good sir/madam/etc, do you happen to be under the influence of any psychoactive agents?

  8. bro im 15 i’ll link the image it reminds me of fuck wrong one will make new post

  9. How good are those as pets? They look like a fun addition, what are their needs?

  10. High protein diets and calcium supplements, that’s about it. They may snag a smaller fish every now and then but they don’t move too fast so it’s unlikely. Had a couple and had 1 escape and died shortly after finding because it was out of the water for too long

  11. I have a 20 gallon planted tank with shrimp and snails, would one do well?

  12. If dat had the time and energy, they could write a whole new Beastars arc.

  13. You know as I was reading for some reason I expected this yet I'm still disappointed

  14. I don't see anything to be disappointed about. I interpret it as her bemoaning her adherence to her work (Beastars) and how it sucks up her time to be social.

  15. What am I missing? I see nothing but people discussing Japanese burnout culture and how it relates to her plight as an author.

  16. What a cute guy, hope he hasn't committed any actions weighing heavily on his soul

  17. He is now Pyle_the_Wolf on Twitter for the time being.

  18. He is now Pyle_the_Wolf on Twitter for the time being.


  20. Yeah? Then your Carnivore characters in your fic have to actually put effort into overcoming it.

  21. This is why Ulysses from Beastars Odyssey is surrounded by herbivores that could flatten his ass.

  22. I never understood how just casually dissing on white people (or just casual racism in general) became normalized. I used to think it was quirky, now it just feels genuine.

  23. Woah, he cut an entire verification system and suddenly had to mosey back to that system because it was so critical.

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