1. Ooh, do they have to get a special license to sell beer/alcohol that early?

  2. It would most likely be if the region allows it or not. Right now serving time is 9 am

  3. It would most likely be if the region allows it or not. Right now start time for alcohol is 9 am.

  4. for Justina One Day at a Time was already a thing on Netflix for years before she did DWTS

  5. Alyssa thinking: I hope that's not the face she makes during sex.

  6. Does Georgie look like her namesake Georgie (Lindze Letherman) to anyone else?

  7. Such a tragic way to go. He will be remembered. Loved him on Will & Grace, Boston Legal and Call Me Kat. His guest appearances on Reba were also hilarious.

  8. All the episodes used to be free on the cw site not sure if they took them down yet or not.. had heard awhile back they were going to at some point. As far box sets go can't help there sorry.

  9. Seems like you might be over thinking it just a little bit.

  10. I assume salaried employees wouldn't get anything different as the shift is included in their hours, whereas hourly employees would get paid the time and a half for the day.

  11. This needs to happen in America. What's the hold up?!

  12. We know! There’s been quite a few posts already. Thank you though!

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