1. Co60 says:

    ...are you under the impression that your anecdotes are a replacement for actual data?

  2. The American PTO / healthcare system is a form of feudalism.

  3. So this is a distinct issue. But....

  4. You joke but that's (sorta) how nuclear imaging works.

  5. Furio. Makes virtual cheese in the back in order to be up front. He was ahead of his time in being open about his self and the dichotomies therein . This is what drew in Carmela. Modern women love this shit.


  7. You have NERVE telling people how they should feel. Most of you telling people to "get over it" never worked hard a day in your lives. I am not blind to the fact that alot of "crypto bros" in here are financed by friends and family. You don't know what it's like to lose money you worked in freezing cold numbing temps for. You cannot "get over" 80-100 hour weeks in the office missing family, friends and functions working to buy crypto. Can you trust fund guys go take a ride in your yachts and leave the real emotions to the blue collar Americans that build and maintain the operation of America!

  8. If you valued all that capital you should have been less careless with it.

  9. If I learned one thing from Lem, it was that we should never fuck with the Albanian money train.

  10. Sorry, is there a name for people like us? Sane?

  11. Guy is fat as fuck, looks like he's already had 3 strokes and wasn't gonna last 5 minutes in a marathon under the heat. What a fucking prick.

  12. More important, what would be the price if 10% of all bitcoins would be sold in a day?

  13. Another thought, what if a big wedge got sequestered because some exchanges went into administration.

  14. really lends credence to the idea that crypto is astrology for dudes.

  15. There's tonnes of this sort of nonsense on YouTube

  16. Significant part of the bitcoin maxis think Bitcoin works as battery. At that point don't make eye contact, slowly move back, and don't do anything to invite them shilling BTC to you.

  17. I've tried explaining entropy in this case.

  18. You fucking should! Those corn-holing cocksuckas are spraying agent orange on everything.

  19. NYPD Blue will tickle your pickle.


  21. Let's not forget that post which postulated that everything crazy that has happened in the past week; Abe Shinzo's assassination, Boris Johnson's resignation, the CERN collider restarting, the James Webb images, were all an effort by the elite to overshadow the legendary Gamestop NFT marketplace launch.

  22. "Paddle manufacturers report disappointing end of year figures. Industry calls for end to WFH. "The perverts are now becoming unacceptably obtuse; this requires a correction!" "

  23. Don't get so emotional lol. If bitcoin was truly a good project we wouldn't need people shilling it 24/7 like yourself with extremely exaggerated claims. A good investment sells itself.

  24. It has to be humiliation role-play and by someone who can neither find, nor pay, someone to thrash his arse and tell him what a stupid boy he is.

  25. Smart people defer to expertise or at a minimum include it in their own decisions.

  26. landlords/bailiffs/liquidators/[...] will do this when delivering by hand a notice to see if the door has been opened.

  27. We had racks and racks full of E420Rs at the hosting company I worked for at the time. Also some E450s, one of which my coworker absconded with to try and start some kind of business in his basement after the company went bankrupt. Sun hardware, despite the purple, used to be some excellent stuff.

  28. The guy must have been buff. They were mad heavy when fully populated.

  29. I work in electronics. This really isnt Nvidia's fault. Ever since the start of 2021, theres been a massive chip shortage. Even if different kinds of chips aren't perfect substitutes for each other, there's definitely been knock-on issues as automotive companies and offices switching to work-from-home rushed to buy chips. Pretty much every chip component is having supply issues. I have legitimately seen small analog chip components that would normally sell for $1 be sold for $300 on the open market. Intel, Nvidia, AMD, Analog Devices, NXP, Texas Instruments, Xilinx, Allegro, etc. are all having shortages. In some cases, it's because silicon fabs were shut down during the pandemic. In other cases, it's because there was so much demand during the pandemic. Crypto mining certainly didn't help. All those ASICs were made in fabs that probably could have been producing op-amps or FPGAs that would go in cars.

  30. A long time ago I worked in semiconductors and then for purchasers of those products. I know a lot of people in those industries still. It's an absolute clusterfuck.

  31. i stopped watching anything linus related since he had a crypto sponsorship, f*ck him for that. They have the audience and an ability to chose who sponsors them going crypto is pure greed so yeah.

  32. I had this experience a couple of times.

  33. At the risk of sounding harsh, brain dead is kinda the main point here, he is dead they are having to use valuable time and resources keeping his body running his brain isn’t just going to start working again if they want to put him in a private hospital and pay for this I’m all for that but other people shouldn’t have to wait for treatment because they are keeping a body functioning

  34. The drs are having to prepare and give testimony rather than dr. Having your most senior paediatric and other consultants do that isn't very think of "think of the children". And by that I mean the kids that would have been admitted in the interim and the future as those consultants should be developing their residents and those in turn the junior drs.

  35. When you’re an arrogant and ignorant ass hat, you wouldn’t let one terrible financial decision stop you from making it worse.

  36. They honestly often think like this, yes.

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