1. I appreciate the solution that says intelligent life is hibernating until the universe’s climate is more favorable to energy efficiency. In that reading, many civilizations have (throughout time) gathered resources until they’ve accomplished all goals except a kind of “final research mission,” a physics experiment that would take a supermassive amount of energy to accomplish but solve the meaning of life, the nature of everything, perhaps enable transcendence of time and space etc. The amount of energy needed is impossible to attain under their current universe-climate, but will be ramped up to viable after so many millions of years of universe cooling.

  2. Take a look at Curve ($CRV) and it’s relationship to Convex/the narrative of “the Curve Wars.” Tl;dr, every important protocol in crypto is racing to buy Curve for governance rights (push decisions their way) - those governance rights require a 4 year lock. Convex created a system for retail to lock Curve, get boosted yield, and remain liquid (which eventually requires buying more Curve). Up only.

  3. It’s not strict academic philosophy, but Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals is a start.

  4. Terrence McKenna posits somewhere that dreams and imagination are the result of witting or unwitting perturbations in entangled particles from distant time/spatial locations, following “quantum entanglement.” (Imagine a scientist shaman from a distant, 800-million year old techno-mystical alien civilization playing your brain like a fiddle by altering the spin of particles..)

  5. I always wondered how can it be that more people seem to accept this rather than extraterrestrial.

  6. Jacques Vallee is counted among that bunch. ET hypothesis just doesn’t jive with the data, it’s that simple

  7. It is just quite a lot harder to get a grasp of that concept. I have fully accepted extraterrestrials traveling with "warp drives" and wormholes and all sorts of fantastic technology.

  8. If you’re vision of ET depends on manipulation of spacetime, then the “from a different planet” element becomes extraneous and what’s primary is manipulation of spacetime; hence, ultra terrestrial hypothesis.

  9. It reads like a child’s idea of an intelligence report

  10. 2:30 and 4:50 are insanely compelling and, if real, should be widely circulated. 7:15 is of course interesting.

  11. Hoax or mistaken yacht? Can you elaborate on their methods, not seeing it on a google search

  12. His discussion of “computational equivalence” is probably even more important to the question of nonhuman intelligence than his explicit comments about aliens, if you can parse it.

  13. It’s an extremely unreliable source with an extremely specific date of disclosure that has some external logic to justify it. I will say no Reddit sleuth’s have been able to discredit the post. I say just sit back and wait!

  14. Jacques Vallee’s new book has (had?) a May 4th release date. Sounds like headline worthy data from the book is on the table. The book’s Amazon page is down though.

  15. Ya in that case it's not DeFi, MakerDao a different organization is DeFi.

  16. The only way a civilization would leave no chemical, geological, archeological evidence behind despite advancing to the point of developing space-time warping technology on their own, is if some massive event destroyed the planet to the point where it had to form back together.

  17. “So could researchers find clear evidence that an ancient species built a relatively short-lived industrial civilization long before our own? Perhaps, for example, some early mammal rose briefly to civilization building during the Paleocene epoch, about 60 million years ago. There are fossils, of course. But the fraction of life that gets fossilized is always minuscule and varies a lot depending on time and habitat. It would be easy, therefore, to miss an industrial civilization that lasted only 100,000 years—which would be 500 times longer than our industrial civilization has made it so far. Given that all direct evidence would be long gone after many millions of years, what kinds of evidence might then still exist?”

  18. Yet bones are all that our current civilization is leaving behind. You are implying they went from bow and arrow to building motherships and defying gravity without ever manufacturing any plastics, steel beams, infrastructure, non-bio-degradable merchandise etc. Or leaving any chemical trace in the atmosphere.

  19. The nice thing about science is that it’s an antidote to disinformation and conspiracy. I was merely suggesting that Lue’s comment is another reason to take the idea seriously. Your objections could be raised in positive terms.

  20. Can’t beat Close Encounters of the Third Kind, especially given the rumors that gov guys were feeding Spielberg information 🤨

  21. “The Shawl” by Cynthia Ozick

  22. If I trade from BTC to USD within a platform like coinbase pro, does it constitute a taxable event? Or am I good until it hits the bank?

  23. You might start by checking Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy articles on Ontology, Epistemology, and Teleology. Each framework has an implied bias, and a set of solutions within those biases. (That’s to say, to ask the question “what is the meaning of life” already carries a lot of preconceptions - an original meaning that might be elaborated upon is different from a meaning that will remain unclear until the end...)

  24. There’s been many vids/images put out and debunked. Maybe the enlightened way to approach it is to say: it’s likely one is real, but impossible to know which one. It’s known that state intelligence agencies work by oversaturating information stores rather than censoring them

  25. Only have access to audio - anything of interest when he shows his workspace? Something divined from a closet analyzed screenshot perhaps...


  27. Based on what I've read and watched over the past several years the more widely accepted theory is this:

  28. I 100% agree with what your buddy is trying to say and there is a scientifically proven way to experience this. You can have a religious experience doing certain things like lucid dreaming or even going some were cool like a tunnel or cave or like a beach or mountain range and just relaxing and letting God speak to you. If your not as patient you can also experiment with drugs. Mushrooms can create experiences in you mind? If you want to push the boundaries and alter reality threw "quantum entanglement?" you can change physical reality by trying salvia or DMT. it is possible for one person to get so high on drugs that they will see things that can become real and people not on drugs will also see the same thing. I have not tried DMT, I have smoked 80x and 60x salvia with a jet lighter and I can confirm that freaky stuff happens.

  29. Do you have any experience or knowledge of interaction with technological realms? I’ve heard of robot elves but I suppose I mean actual interface. One could imagine encoded virtual/abstract technologies that can be interfaced with after the sort of brain synchronization very high level meditation allows... spontaneous, targeted quantum entanglement, willed wave function collapse initiated by an observer?

  30. Sorry I was looking for explanation of the “object analyzed by agency’s chief scientist in 1976” thing. Good pull

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