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  1. I’ll take a pod, a storage locker, or a heated parking space at this point.

  2. We used to live in small tight-knit clans and villages. People were not individuals, but part of a web. Children weren't tasked with discovering themselves, they were told who they were. It's just been since the industrial revolution that we've put people in huge cities where they are often alone. We're asking them to live, work, eat, raise families, manage technology and socialize in ways our ancestors never did. No wonder so many people are alone and addicted. If you aren't blessed with the particular skill set it takes to get along in this new world, and you don't have a support group behind you, you are screwed. Ain't no amount of government policy gonna fix that. I'm a big fan of antibiotics and memory foam mattresses. I don't want to live as my ancestors did. But I do think we've destroyed a big part of what it means to be human in our modern world, and I think most of our problems start there.

  3. Have you checked places like Zillow?

  4. The goal is to get to 50-60k a year, but right now before taxes I probably earn $2,750 a month.

  5. If your take-home is only $2.75K ... even assuming you're being hit with 20% total taxes (a bit high, but, for the sake of argument) ... you're grossing, what, $3,650? $3,700?

  6. It’s several part time jobs, but yeah those figures are close.

  7. https://www.opensecrets.org/news/2022/07/democrats-spend-millions-on-republican-primaries/

  8. Whatever it takes to have a place to live. Homelessness sucks.

  9. Because we’re barely evolved past the animals we are. Our primitive minds think this ‘weakness’ puts us all in peril.

  10. I've been afraid to give it a go since it doesn't even seem to have the same premise, as far as I can tell from the preview/episode summaries. How is it?

  11. Most places in the US have tap water that’s safe drink. The tricky part involves mismanagement of water treatment facilities, lack of local ground water supply, and off flavors.

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