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  1. I think it reflects the best of kingdom hearts and the worst of kingdom hearts in the same level

  2. Obsessing of the lore so he can out think his future mistakes like a idiot

  3. People voteing Gay People Trans People Socialism Communism Black People Brown People Asian people A not white People country doing well Poor white people Homeless people People expressing any kind if individually People being happy Worker right Beter pay Some one some where improveing there life The truth M&Ms There own sexuality Other people sexuality There people having a identity The knowledge of there responsibility Knowledge of why they are born successful Knowledge in general Smart people And that us the top of the head

  4. Ok it got a slow start but this is not a boring film there is so much that happens in the film

  5. If true then Jesus is us bith evil and nit worth giving even the tiniest shit about

  6. The flash can outrun any 3 dimensions being speedforce has weird but cool rules

  7. I actually think d n d would be the one franchise that would thrive in that kind of film

  8. I think the cybermen from doctor who whould take a slow start but after a little while they whould be eveybodys problem

  9. I always have wandering band of cannibals on my bew year predictions

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