Democrats to maintain control of the United States Senate

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2022 Midterm Live Thread

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  1. I've found when I'm hungover I feel a lot better with an erection.

  2. And right to the left of the shoes is a person

  3. I mean yeah the guy sitting on the roof is probably wearing shoes. But in those shoes is definitely a person

  4. It's almost like the mypillow guy shouldn't have been unofficially in charge of voter fraud for the GOP

  5. This is what we should be asking. I don't have the answers but there's a lot of people much smarter than me that csn figure it out

  6. Hobbs is an absolute nightmare I can’t understand how anyone voted for her. She wouldn’t debate Lake. She couldn’t answer the question “what do you admire about the Latino community?” She wants to bring all the failed liberal policies from other cities to Phoenix. If you were to hear her speak you’d think she is a clown and her performance as Secretary of State - make free fair and efficient election - shows what a failure she is.

  7. It's not that Hobbs won. It's that Lake lost. You cant go pushing this conspiracy/election rigging nonsense anymore. And yes before you ask I'm a hippy lefty liberal but I come in here to see discourse from the other side. Honestly super happy about the awareness of what is going wrong (from both sides). I'm happy to see that most are starting to get it. Yall shouldn't touch abortion and we shouldn't touch guns. But the Maga folks are fucking up what yall are trying to do and have been for a while.

  8. This is someone who is ready for the conversation on how we go back to getting on the same team.

  9. Ooof this comment gives me life

  10. Get a visit into this website soon..might not be up for much longer

  11. It's fine to request a recount, I'd be furious if Democrats declared fraud. No party should be doing that, there's no room for that in a democracy.

  12. I've always had a problem with eating late night. So I have a meal around 5 or 6 and inject right after. That stops me from drunken late night eats. As for injection site I do it in the tummy. I rotate between 4 boxes by the belly button. Top right, bottom left, bottom right, top left

  13. The AZ's data guru recent tweet very concerning

  14. It's a win because it's not a bloodbath. Typically in midterms there is an overwhelming win by the opposition of the current presidential party.

  15. I'm a lib, but it's quite obvious that all you literally have to do is run normal people. Desantis is very conservative on the issues, but because he isn't insane he just won in Miami-Dade

  16. Don't even have to be pro abortion, just don't talk about it would suffice.

  17. 1st week your body is just getting used to the meds. It's meant to work that way. 2nd week you should feel more towards the end of the week if you're not feeling it yet. It's a compounding med. Just let it do its thing. Don't rush it

  18. Thanks, that's soild advice. I do believe I'm expecting a lot right out the gate. I need to practice more patience.

  19. I was the same. Then day 2 or 3 on 1.2 and I woke up in the middle of the night. My body said you're never eating again. And it's been working ever since. You may be different. After 1.2 for a week I got used to it so I went 1.2 + 5 clicks (halfway to 1.8) been on that since. My problem was always eating late. So I eat at 6pm then take it and I don't crave food late at night.

  20. Can’t believe no one has said Green Room. They have their own brick and mortar but have been popping up in Siberia on St Claude again recently.

  21. Yeah I'm on the Green Room train. The reuben is the tits

  22. Counter service? Or traditional table service?

  23. Counter service and subsequent table service (anything else ordered after initial order)

  24. Please choose a time slot for an interview in the following link

  25. Well if your police's protocol is to shoot me multiple times for eating a hamburger in my car, I'd say your protocol is fucking retarded mate.

  26. Will you guys be pooling tips for servers and bartenders? Or will it be a more traditional tipout situation?

  27. Everyone will split tips evenly

  28. We have some fun ideas for decor. Definitely come check us out in November

  29. You look like you'd watch me fuck your wife while you suck her toes. Thanking me the whole time

  30. Wait what?!? Is this real? Wasn't prepared to have my world turned upside down right now. But here we are

  31. There's a guy on tik tok who does videos on how to pose in pictures for men to look your best. He also is specific on body types etc etc.

  32. So her feet don't get cold I would assume

  33. Is no one going to notice what can only be described as that attempt at a tattoo on his neck. Also I thought they didn't allow cell phones in prison

  34. Came here to say this. Everyone loves a good surprise

  35. I'm in whichever hole is left on mom after these two fine gentlemen

  36. Won't goat cheese change the flavor too much?

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