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  1. It's your parents, they will understand

  2. Idk wtf GC1 is statistically, but all I know is I’m awful at this thing.

  3. According to season 6 statistics it's about the top 1%

  4. sent a hundred shots out that rolls aye, them 7.62s got em 🗣

  5. Huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh Them 762s hit his body made him Harlem shake

  6. Bro i forgot about that snippet how did that not make X

  7. Yo a ken and lone collab tape would go hard af

  8. Some of the comments In there are stupid af

  9. Bro ken was sliding on that beat the whole song. His peak foie started at 00:30 to 1:05 on that's song

  10. Fr playing in the car made it sound 100x harder

  11. It does, I remember how hard the snippet sounded because it the vid was recorded and played in his car

  12. What the hecking heck are you talking about dude

  13. Before this song, I was a nerd ass virgin contemplating suicide every second of the day, wondering when will my time to leave this earth come. After I heard this song, I immediately went outside, lost my virginity then proceeded to fuck another 20 women whilst listening to this song, becoming the ultimate alpha male, I now no longer feel like a fat ass loser who will never amount to anything, in fact this song has turned me into a complete chick magnet, attracting every women within a 20ft radius of me. Thanks to ken carson and destroy lonely, I now walk with a little pep in my step everyday :)

  14. i like the dark turn that ken has taken, his music def got darker and more agressive

  15. It's been happening to me for 2 months now

  16. nah i feel you. crazy hearing high as shit and wondering if he'd ever top that. then project x came out which was amazing and now this. bros had exponential growth as an artist its insane.

  17. Yea hearing high as shit made me a fan

  18. If Ken's like this now, I wonder where hell be in a year

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