1. you can only do increments of 10 credits

  2. I know, that's why the deal for them all is 100c. I probably should've made it more obvious that it was a bundle

  3. I think I have laser wave I, I’ll check when I jump on

  4. Are you still looking to buy z-plate wheels ?

  5. Apparently I have to verify my account. I havnt traded in a long time

  6. All good, I should be on for a while so just send me another inv whenever it's taken care of

  7. Not saying that there aren't legit middlemen on discord, but people have tried to scam me by impersonating dicord mm so I'd be very careful

  8. Beats me. Could be an account they made for price manipulating or something similar. I've offered people exactly what they asked for only to be ignored sometimes lol

  9. Not sure if this'll help but I think a pair sold for around 35k and adds, but uncert was also worth significantly more at the time too (11-12k)

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