1. Well we planned on public transit in the UK then get the car in Amsterdam and drive down to Budapest , come back to Amsterdam drop it off and fly back out from the UK was the plan

  2. OK, well that was unclear when you said you plan to rent a car for your trip from the UK to Budapest.

  3. Yes that’s my bad. Realized Uk to Amsterdam has water lol

  4. You also need to compare the cost of train tickets, since a rail pass isn't your only option.

  5. Yes, Amtrak does have internal processes, but they aren't required to report their HR issues back to you. They acknowledged receiving your complaint, twice. What they decide to do with that information and how they decide to run their business is up to them, just as it is with airlines.

  6. LCD. Does it appear on your photos? Does it appear in the same place as you zoom in on a photo and scroll it around?

  7. It doesn't appear in the menus nor when I check the photos I've taken on the camera.

  8. Definitely run PIXEL MAPPING from your camera's settings menu first.

  9. Obviously, you can use your 18-55mm lens to help you determine whether you like the 18mm focal length or want something wider, and whether you like the 55mm focal length (let's assume 56mm and 60mm are very similar).

  10. No, that's impossible so you're introducing error somewhere. Conservation of mass still applies in your area of the universe too.

  11. After-market real grips are also available for the cameras, including the X-T3, so I use one of those.

  12. You are seeing the lens's aperture stop down, which increases depth of field. If you want to avoid that, make sure to leave the lens aperture wide open (i.e. f/2) for your exposure, to take the same photo as the one you're previewing with the lens wide open.

  13. There is the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art, made for Canon APS-C sensors, and if I remember correctly, it was actually pretty highly touted for it's quality and being one of the first (if not only) zooms with a fixed focal length under f/2.8 for digital cameras. So it's definitely possible. I don't know how that did it, but it would be really interesting if they remade that for mirrorless APS-C cameras.

  14. I didn't say it was impossible. Of course there are some. I said how many are there. I said it was hard to make one without aberrations. How sharp is the Sigma at every focal length at f/1.8? Also note how short its zoom focal length range is, unlike an 18-55mm, for example. (Also note how short the zoom focal length ranges of the f/4 and f/5.6 Fujifilm GFX lenses are, for example, also for the same reason that they have a large physical size in comparison to their focal length. By your logic, why aren't the GFX zoom lenses f/2.8 and f/2 if that were so easy?)

  15. Yeah I have a few things in there. The camera still opens the menu where I last left it, if that makes sense.

  16. Yeah, it makes sense but sorry I don't know more. I don't own an X-T5.

  17. Have you customized My Menu yet? On the X-T2 and X-T3 it automatically appears first once you add something to it. There is no setting for this.

  18. Thank you! Just dug a little deeper into the policy. Looks like it's covered bin this case but I have no idea what supporting information I can provide, if it's required

  19. Supporting information is usually required. Police report for the accident and a copy of your plane ticket is probably enough. If you were in an Uber and the Uber ride states there was an accident, that might be enough too.

  20. That makes total sense re supporting information. It was a local taxi and the accident was relatively police involved. I ended up leaving and tracking down another taxi but i lost a lot of time in the process. I was frantic at that point and in a rush to get to the airport. I didn't think to take a picture or collect anything for a claim submission. Never been in this situation and was hoping and praying I would make it on time.

  21. Chargers are not batteries. Is it a charger or a lithium battery? There is no such thing as a "lithium charger".

  22. I don't think that's brushed stainless steel. But if it were, you could brush it more to hide scratches.

  23. The XC 15-45mm PZ is a "Power Zoom" lens, which means it motors in and out like a point-and-shoot lens. Otherwise its optical quality is OK, although it's a little darker than the more expensive lens.

  24. If you want to do portraiture and close-up nature, I think the 56mm f1.2 is a bad choice, the APD version more so (as it’s more expensive). These lenses are great for portraiture but not so much for close up detail work. They’re not cheap either. The 60mm f/2.5 is a older lens but it’s sharp as all get out. The focal length and aperture allows you to take lovely portraits but it’s close-focus and .5x magnification also allows for lovely macro shots. Since it’s older, you can find it cheaper (~$300 usd or less - used). It’s a slower focusing lens, but it should be more than sufficient for your use cases. My two cents. Your mileage may vary.

  25. That's a good point, although its focusing is horrible. I wouldn't recommend it as a general purpose lens either.

  26. That's always a good option. Make sure you get a set of them with contacts so the lens can still communicate.

  27. Yes, I was referring to adapters with contacts to use with Fujifilm autofocus lenses.

  28. Film doesn't contain celluloid. Most modern film is on a polyester base.

  29. Read your insurance policy to find out what is covered and their definitions.


  31. Thanks! Yes, I commented on your post this morning. Thanks for sharing your work!

  32. Yes, it doesn't require a setting. Whenever the contacts are shorted, it fires.

  33. As I said on your other post, I would get the Sigma 56mm f/1.4 for less, and I would also skip the APD.

  34. Tbh I think I accidentally clicked it when uploading

  35. OK, thanks. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I removed it.

  36. Depends on whether your officer entered the flag into your record. If they did, expect to get stopped at the border every time for longer interrogation.

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