1. I mean it is beautiful that you want to learn how to elaborate in arabic because it's a really beautiful language to speak and has a lot of details in between it's vocabulary, however you should start with the basics, and start now:

  2. I always used "replace" as "substitute with" but learned recently it can also mean "put back in its place." I was so confused when I saw recycling instructions on my laundry detergent say "replace cap" and I'm like, "with what?"

  3. Wait, oh god, I thought replace was synonymous with substitute till now as well, ty for sharing the wisdom !

  4. It kinda is, there's just more meanings to it! "Replace" is more permanent than "substitute" but they can be used interchangeably in a number of situations.

  5. Oh ok, it is synonymous but it can be used in others ways too. Got it, thanks !

  6. I am midway through your story, i have joined btech in cs, and i , much like you , am good at studies, but overall my prospects seem to be no better than as mentioned by you. Someone please help, i am in first sem, please reach out, how can I be successful with what i like in this branch

  7. Study and practice DSA and CP consistently till placements/ off campus application if you're going for software engineering positions.

  8. These are amulets, believing in them would constitute shirk. You can dispose of it by burning it.

  9. what is an oath of allegiance? becoem a muslim or?

  10. It is to swear loyalty to a leader of a Muslim state ie. To obey him. When the kuffaar accepted Islaam, they gave their oath of allegiance to the Prophet ﷺ, essentially making a promise to serve him as their new leader.

  11. Can some one tell me the reference book and number of this Hadith so I can show my dad

  12. Humaidah bint Ubaid bin Rifa'ah narrated: "Kabshah bint Ka'b bin Malik - she was (married) with Ibn Abi Qatadah - narrated "That Abu Qatadah visited her, [so she said:] 'So I poured water for him to use for Wudu.' She said: 'A cat came to drink, so he lowered he container until it drank.' Kabshah said: 'So he saw me looking at it and said, "O my niece! Are you surprised at that?" So I said yes. He said: "Indeed Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said 'It is not impure, it is only one of those roam around among you.'"

  13. He's talking about the prohibition of marrying a zaani (fornicator), since most Christians in the west commit zinaa.

  14. I usually check (not to be confused with I find most of their articles to be authentic and well referenced.

  15. Well they’re Uzbeks, I’m from Uzbekistan and they really don’t like cats. Seems to be a trend in that part of the world. The Russians always keep cats and the Uzbeks will hurt them if they see them outside. One of my cats was thrown off a shared balcony and another was rode over with a car on purpose.

  16. Sorry for your loss, no sane muslim would ever condone this sort of psychotic behaviour.

  17. Well yeah, I agree, my dad is Muslim too but tatar and they never had animals but he was big into cats, there it was normal to let your animals outside, now in America and being a cat owner and rescuer myself, I never let my two outside. Lesson learned. Some people will torture animals just because. I have another horrible memory from back home, a kitten wrapped in barbed wire and kids jumping on him til he died. Gosh, I’ll never go back. Fuck that place.

  18. Oh god, that's a grotseque sight to come across, sounds like some sort of systemic failure if violence is prolific to that extent. But I'm glad your pets are safe now.

  19. I understand your intent but it appears a bit misplaced. He said it out of urge and pain. So this can appear very heavy for someone who is suicidal to read. He was reacting to medication and those cases can be between life and death because it is unimaginably painful. Perhaps encouragement and dua is better suited to this situation particularly.

  20. جزاك الله خيرا From where did you get this article, if I may ask, brother ?

  21. And you brother. It was written by Dr. Salah Abdulfattah al-Khalidi, Faculty Member of the Jordanian Shari'a Faculty it was translated by some brothers. You may be able to find the original Arabic if you search for the title and the writer name in Arabic.

  22. Could be legit. There was lots of resistance from the religious bureaucracy against letting western/ American troops onto Saudi soil during the ME wars in the 20th century. Read about the Sahwa movement.

  23. Interesting. Then again, there's the whole conspiracy about how the Gulf War was just front for getting oil.

  24. Conspiracy ? I don't think there is any other reason for the west to get involved other than making sure that their oil sources remain safe and secure right ?

  25. A muslim girl isn't obligated to wear the hijab until puberty. So there is no set age, except if the person doesn't hit puberty even until 15. After 15, whether or not you hit puberty, you're obligated to wear the hijab.

  26. brother intoxicator, would the hijabi be in blame if a male sees her without the hijab (though she was young)?

  27. Salaam brother, If she is younger than the age requirement to wear the hijaab (less than age 15 and hasn't hit puberty yet) then she isn't held accountable for any sin as a human only becomes accountable for his actions once he/she hits puberty or crosses the age of 15.

  28. God yes. I really had to fight with one of my aunt, my mother and elder aunt to let the youngest one become whatever he wants. Everyone wanted him to

  29. Damn, from someone in a position similar to your younger brothers', but with no one else standing up for me, I just wanted to appreciate you standing up for your youngest, because I know how depressing it is to fight all alone, with no support or reassurance from the people that are supposedly the "closest" to you. You have played out your elder sibling role splendidly and given them company when they most needed it. Bravo.

  30. When RasulAllah ‎ﷺ‎‬ was told about a woman who fats and prays a lot but has a venomous tongue and harms her neighbors he specifically mentioned she is in Hell. Your religiosity is your character.

  31. I think normally the best way to handle a rude comment like this one is to ignore it but honestly, if you see someone commenting on the current state of academic dishonesty and your immediate instinct is to assume they're a social pariah then I cannot begin to describe how much growing up you have to do. If that's your attitude then I'm sure I probably do better with people than you do. I sincerely hope you're just a teenager who felt called out by this post or something.

  32. Not to ruin the mood here but recently had a chat with my shia friend and tbh many shias do not believe every hadiths of sahih collection.

  33. The methods that the shia employ in grading aḥādīth is completely different than the sunni tradition - there are massive holes in the shia tradition:

  34. Before you go through the sources, I request you don't dismiss the links without reading through them just because many of them are on the same website. The authors have done their research and have cited the concerned sources properly, I hope that you can go through these with an open mind in shaa' Allaah.

  35. VIT sounds so depressing and dystopian bro...are all private university chains like this? Glad I am in NIT

  36. NITT had a couple of suicides earlier this year, college admin tried to hush those up as well...

  37. I don’t need to you’re proving my point for me thanks

  38. Well, there is always going to be someone that says things that are not valid or do not make sense. There is nothing in the religion that says everyone is physically beautiful. Consider this Sahih hadith from Bukhari:

  39. The story of ‘Amr ibn Zaraarah (may Allah be pleased with him) was narrated by Imam Ahmad in his Musnad (17817). It says that he had thin legs and he let his izaar hang low, then the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) rebuked him and told him to pull up his izaar, and he said to him: “Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, has made beautiful everything that He has created.”

  40. It's not only haraam but it can also mean an eternity of punishment. Please reach out for help before making any drastic decisions, my dms are always open for any venting as well.

  41. The only thing that keeping away from trying again. Is eternity hellfire. I know that, but life isn't easy and when i reach my lowest point again idk .

  42. May Allaah make it easy for you and grant you success. Don't hesitate to reach out if anything إن شاء الله

  43. Amazing, they really want to change the narrative don't they ? We've got to push back hard. Thank you for sharing this.

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