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  1. I usually go Nc6 to which they respond with Bc4 and then I go g6. This prevents checkmate and prevents Qxe5+ which leads to the Queen taking the rook on h8

  2. Playing a lot against one person won't prepare you fully for playing against other people, and thinking that you know you can beat someone is probably the fastest way to bait yourself into underestimating them and losing. If I had to guess, you're just more prepared to deal with how your friend plays than how random people online play, and you're likely losing to unexpected things you're not used to dealing with. If you just play more games and stop worrying about if you can or can't beat your opponents, you should see improvement.

  3. So do you think I should maybe stop playing him for awhile and mainly grind out online? I agree I shouldn’t assume I should beat my opposition every time, I even recognize how cocky I get sometimes but I just don’t know how to get out of that mindset.

  4. Lol bro beating him once could have been luck or him having a bad day

  5. Well I considered luck but he has commented on my improvement from when I first started a few months ago. After reading some of the feedback and thinking about my situation, I now understand my mindset shouldn’t be “this guys lower than me so I should win” but rather to ignore rating and just play and get better. My thinking behind my original post was just that I felt I was losing to people that I “shouldn’t have.”

  6. On pc I get in decent matches but idk that I’ve gotten in a match with more than 20 players on PlayStation

  7. I agree, Cliffs of Gallipoli evokes an emotion that I’ve never really felt while listening to music. The part that gets me is “Oh mothers wipe your tears, your sons will read a million years, found their peace at last, Gallipoli”

  8. Couldn't one then argue that those who died in the revolution were just rebels and the US didn't exist until the British ended the war? Therefore they shouldn't be counted either.

  9. no, one couldn't argue that. Independence was declared in 1776 and even then, the US Armed Forces states their founding to be in 1775, thus the continental soldiers were technically a part of the U.S. Military.

  10. Well there is a consistent logic to that: any group that declares independence is in fact independent. My devil's advocate idea was that just because you declare something doesn't make it true, defeating the British military made the nation.

  11. Yes, I will concede that, even though a territory declares independence, it doesn't make them independent until the war is won. However, I did also include the fact that the Armed Forces were founded in 1775, thus making the death on the American side of the AWI still technically a part of the U.S. military.

  12. Guess you have missed the stories from Australia, Ireland and the UK... And yes there have been cases of people being attacked and even murdered for not wearing a mask. Business have been shuttered and people have been removed from their families and put into quarantine. All over a virus with a extremely high survival rate in most healthy people.

  13. Is it on a mass level carried out by the government in order to completely exterminate non mask wearers? You truly aren’t helping your case here. Plus who fucking cares if it doesn’t kill everyone it comes into contact with? It still kills and you should still be trying to prevent it.

  14. Wow, you're extremely dense or you are being purposely disingenuous. What seems to be eluding you is the concept I am trying to relay. Very rarely in human history does a civilization go from peace to mass murder, it's a gradual process and the same mentality that caused many of the great tragedies of history can be observed currently. I apologize, obviously I can't relate this concept to you in a manner for you to comprehend.

  15. I didn’t say it did, you, however, are comparing a thing that is used to prevent illness to a patch that excluded thousands. Wearing masks will not lead to genocide. They wore masks for the Spanish flu, was everyone killed for not wearing one? No. You try to use historical evidence to say small things lead to big things yet that is not the case all the time, especially with something like masks. They’ve been used popularly since the 17th century and probably before that on a smaller scale and have yet to lead to genocide. However, when talking about the Yellow Badge you are relating masks to it took 2 years, masks have been around for 400+ years and look: no genocide.

  16. If your walking around your city with a rifle then yeah, your a coward.

  17. Why should DC be a state? You do know the reason for it being a district... right?

  18. If they really wanted to be accurate they should erect a statue of the Lincoln paying reparations to slave holders.

  19. shut up, keep this shit going and you’ll never have the bottom picture because this makes you fucking repulsive.

  20. i’m sorry but are you guys not for defunding the police? you know... the people that enforce gun control? the people that preform no knock raids on gun owners? something doesn’t add up

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