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  1. There was a woman like this who developed a relationship with her local bears near me not too long ago.

  2. Can’t be surprised. Nature doesn’t abide by our rules. I believe the woman in the video doesn’t feed them, you should never feed wildlife. But even though they seem to get along with her, she’s aware that they could kill her at any moment. She says it’s worth the risk for her.

  3. Too bad she doesn’t consider the risk for the bears. Bit selfish. Hopefully nothing ever happens.

  4. What do you want her to do? Move? She doesn’t touch them and she doesn’t feed them. She just allows them to hang out on her property. What risk does that pose to the bears?

  5. I get the logic but I'm simply not buying it. No matter how you slice it you being on your friend's team gives them an unfair advantage even if you're just defending.

  6. I have an alt for lower ranked friends/drunk gaming sessions. But I always try to win so I’m sitting at C3 on that account. It’s still nice to have an alt for that stuff though.

  7. A lot of people don’t want to admit this, but there’s an underlying level of racism among people who talk about architecture. A lot of it revolves around the fact that brutalism is a modern architecture style that doesn’t really have a single place of location. when architectures discussed a lot of people that hate realism will instead favor, 18th century Europe. it takes a while, but you will notice that these people truly despise any architecture style outside of Europe and they will overly praise overly certain time period of European architecture usually from the renaissance up until the end of World War II. Or in other words, they will praise, when Europe was at its height of power.

  8. Unfortunately, blocking a player doesn’t prevent you from queuing with them. It just prevents them from messaging or chatting you.

  9. I became a TQ fan after seeing them give Dig a run for their money at the beginning of last season.

  10. Which I get, but isn't there a good chance that's what he does on OXG?

  11. I have a silicone one, but I just started using it and don't know much about loofahs. I think it would be pretty safe?

  12. The silicone ones are dishwasher safe. So just toss it in there once a week and you’re good to go.

  13. Ah yes - wash the things you use to wash your intimate bits in the same place you wash what you eat off of...

  14. That’s like being grossed out by your dishes after you put them in the dishwasher, or being grossed out by your clothes after you put them in the laundry machine. They’re literally using soap and hot water to disinfect them.

  15. The part where the brother Na'vi just specifically goes up to and defends his bully because "I know what it's like to be an unwanted child/outcast" or something.

  16. Yeah, and the kid literally left him to die. It was practically attempted murder. No way he should’ve forgiven him so casually.

  17. I love James Cameron and I’m happy for him, but this movie was not for me. It looked visually stunning but that wasn’t enough to make up for the bottom of the barrel dialogue and awful writing.

  18. at the risk of this getting downvoted to oblivion, isn't this about getting ass shots, and looking like meg the stallion, or else he would of said, "lie about getting shot"

  19. Hit GC1 (2v2) for the first time at the very end of last season, i peaked at 1452 mmr with 720 hours. don’t ask how this season has gone so far tho

  20. I saw someone mention, I think it was a caster, that Acronik can manipulate the ball like he has a string attached to it, and I haven't seen a more apt description of him. Mechanics are fuckin insane

  21. Stax said he plays like he has the magnet on in rumble and it’s true. Acronik is slept on.

  22. I believe he was pretending to be struggling with the weight of the table after holding it for so long.

  23. Heartbreaking every time this happens to a player. Can’t imagine how gutted I’d feel.

  24. Imagine James Cheese knocks G2 out of the major, the team that made Grand Finals at Worlds.

  25. Idk if this is a meme I’m not aware of, but I’ve met Johnny and he is not 6’. I remember being surprised because I assumed he’d be taller.

  26. I met him at worlds and he was either exactly my height or a tiny bit taller than me and I’m 5’11

  27. Weird. I met him at worlds too, I’m 5’10 and he was my height or shorter.

  28. I like watching it like that too, aside from the fact that you can’t dual-stream. And staying off of socials is tough because I sub-consciously open twitter etc and am bound to see spoilers

  29. Twitter also recommends tweets so even if I stay off twitter I run the risk of getting a noti from someone tweeting their results. Gonna have to disable my notifications.

  30. Shameful confession, I didn’t know this was a thing until like two weeks ago off a similar post. I would be the asshole blocking both lanes because in my mind, fuck that, you’re waiting like the rest of us.

  31. Is it faster for everyone though? It’s only faster if everyone is using both lanes. But if everyone is already in one lane, then you make it worse by cruising to the front of the line and forcing everyone to brake to let you in.

  32. There’s no such thing as a vegetable outside of our vague arbitrary culinary use.

  33. It's not. PC can offer much higher frame rates with MUCH lower latency over a console on a television set. Televisions are generally slow to draw frames and consoles only give 60hz, which effectively translates to 60 fps.

  34. Next gen consoles run RL at 120fps, but you have to use a monitor or tv with at least 120hz otherwise you’re capped at 60 fps.

  35. I have it like this as well with lyrics! I read that there's something called auditory dyslexia, and its most common when you have the normal (reading) dyslexia as well.

  36. I don’t think I have that personally. I just don’t really pay close attention to lyrics unless I specifically intend to.

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