Twitter Sued For Failing To Pay Rent Of San Francisco Office

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  1. Maybe they were added as a new GCP sub-processor or partner and you got notified for data privacy reasons?

  2. Use Firestore gcp nosql db and app engine or cloud run and it will cost you either 0 or close to it. Be smart in code, not in paying for things you don’t use

  3. This is a good suggestion, but may require OP to have different developers help out. We have a webapp with moderate traffic (much more than OP) using cloud functions, cloud storage buckets and firestore and our bill is usually under $10/month

  4. Google Warmup offers some tools for interview prep

  5. Awesome, thanks for sharing! My question is: how well will this scale?

  6. AFAIK tailscale does not require opening a port, doesn't it receive traffic through an outbound connection?

  7. NAT hole punching with a relay is the technique used to avoid opening ports

  8. I have a drop box file with all of them

  9. FYI if anyone is struggling and needs help opening it to find that line number:

  10. ooo fancy trick that I was unaware of, thanks for sharing!

  11. These responses are pretty good. However if you have large libraries or dictionaries you're parsing the data against I'd suggest utilizing apache arrow via the pyarrow libary

  12. Why not use the best of both worlds with Polars:

  13. Whoa, did you reprint the housing with a 3D printer?

  14. touché. After all of the printed pieces I've seen in this community, I thought you had just taken it to the next level and reprinted the whole thing minus the translucent module holder piece. Looks good!

  15. How would one automate the request download of films when using jellyfin? On embby and plex you can add them to favourite or something I dont remember.

  16. For Jellyfin requests your can use the fork of Overseerr

  17. Try to reset it by pressing the button for 20 secs.. Try it over and over again. Had the same problem, eventually worked.

  18. This, I think I went through 5 resets yesterday when the firmware update failed. No rhyme or reason, just kept retrying. Make sure it's fully charged before doing the resets

  19. Where are you guys listening to these leaked tracks??

  20. Hi Bill, in your opinion, what are the most realistic uses for quantum in the next 5 years?

  21. Having similar issues. Wifi strength is good and I'm able to live stream just fine, even watched a bird live eat from it (I know postcards aren't possible while streaming, but the signal was good enough to watch it happen smoothly)

  22. Pretty sure it was related to when he said he was testing “open your mind” and wasn’t sure if it would work or if people were ready for it

  23. Not sure, I’ve set up BirdNetPi on a raspberry pi while I’ve been waiting for my BB, highly recommend if you have a spare Pi

  24. I do…have many spares. Are they at all water and weather resistant?

  25. I housed mine in something called “extension cord waterproof socket cover” (or similar) it’s meant to cover the connecting ends of two outdoor extension cords but the Pi fit nicely in it. Power runs in one side and the mic cable out the other.

  26. Fully within expected range imo, even at the lower end of what I would guess based on the specs

  27. Never heard or used Spooq, but if you’re being asked to do something as a beginner, maybe don’t start with a tool that only has 6 stars and isn’t a commonly seen on ETL/data engineering. You’ll struggle to find people to help you and it usually means unless the repo maintainer is adamant about testing and QA, there’s a chance you’ll be the first to hit some bugs that become roadblocks. This isn’t to say Spooq won’t work, I’ve never used it, but just advice in general when seeking out new tools and frameworks.

  28. I work on OpenZiti and have often thought of starting my own PLEX server via OpenZiti as a fun project. Once you've looked through the Minecraft example, I'd love to help you on PLEX.

  29. I'm not OP and currently do not have CGNAT restrictions - but if OpenZiti can help overcome this then I think a Plex + OpenZiti write-up similar the the Minecraft example would really boost adoption if you can prove performance and how you won't break the ToS like you would with NGROK or CF Tunnels. You would definitely need to compare it against Wireguard and Tailscale speeds, and if you do I bet you'd gain a big audience from

  30. Link for download of latest 3D model file, pictures, and my hopefully funny notes:

  31. No problem! I enjoy sharing my designs. I’m fairly certain I’m not done, but the v3 is getting much closer!

  32. Whenever my BirdBuddy arrives I plan on printing your most recent version :)

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