1. Yeah I bought Thursday what a dumbass move on my part. Its all good though these things happen. Today would probably be a great time to pick up!

  2. Depends on how much gold you have, as well as how long you've had it. You may be subject to capital gains tax, you may have enough to the point where it gets confiscated by border control. It also depends on what country you travel to. Is it safe? Will you get robbed? All of these are factors you have to consider when moving gold. There's probably more I didn't list, but I'm too lazy to type it all out lol.

  3. Also my first strat. I’ve been playing acoustic for about 15 years and am ready to get into lead guitar. This sounds amazing! Bought it from a local guitar shop ( E.L. Music in Worcester, Mass). I fell into a fugue state while playing it after getting home and three hours later came to to share my photo. I’ve never been a guitar-name guy, but I think I’m gonna have to name her Paula Deen because she plays—and yes, looks— like butter.

  4. Oh nice! If you’re ever In Worcester, you should definitely check out E.L. Music. Matt is awesome.

  5. I definitely will! I've been there once before, but didn't really speak to anyone. I'll definitely go again!

  6. Killer top! Great choice, and congrats!

  7. Thank you! This was part of a wood library run done by Brian’s guitars. In my opinion their shop does some of the best wood library runs and private stock builds. It has the standard 85/15 MT pickups that come with the core 24-08.

  8. A little late to the party but I'm a Brian's Guitars local. They have the most amazing staff willing to accomodate the most ridiculous of requests. In fact, I'm buying my first PRS Core from them because of how awesome they are! (I've only purchased amps from them, but they treat me like I'm buying a Private Stock.)

  9. I think this is a ‘Mad dog guitars’ tele

  10. Wow. I'm stupid compared to most of you. 136 ±2. First time taking Raven's though. FSIQ 115 with a WMI of 91. (I'm autistic, lol).

  11. To the person who said to just kill myself; maybe I will. Life isn't worth living anyways.

  12. I can legitimately talk about paint drying on a wall if thats what someone wants to converse about. I'm interested in musical instruments namely, with other hobbies being a bit embarrassing. I only expect someone to talk to when it comes to a friendship. I don't care who you are or where you're from. As long as they can communicate in a respectful manner, I could be their friend.

  13. What's it like for you to do the rotations? What makes it difficult? Is it like being unable to focus, to "grasp" the image? (I've suspected I have nvld too). Could you have done better if you had, say, double the time?

  14. I would've done much better had I spent more time on it. I'm sure I'd be able to answer every one correctly, it'll just take a tad bit longer. My processing speed when it comes to 3D rotation is a little on the slower side.

  15. It's always good to attempt something you're not good at, because you may surprise yourself. This time, I did not.

  16. It was pretty common for my friends to struggle like that. (Pre-med kids only, to be honest!)

  17. It bothers me because I want to understand the subject. If I can't understand the subject, I'll fail at one of the MCAT portions. If I fail, I won't become a doctor.

  18. It’s going to be OK. Are you counting on these grades for grad school or a job? They’re not expecting perfection either. Give yourself some grace. It’s ok to not be perfect. It’s ok to ask for help. Take a deep breath. If your school has counseling services, take advantage of them while they’re inexpensive and you have time to go. Shaking the perfectionism is not easy.

  19. Thank you! Yes; I'm going to medical school to become a doctor, specifically a psychiatrist. I really want to help people in similar situations, but I can't do that without first shaking perfectionism. I'll definitely talk to the counseling services. Great advice!

  20. It's behind a pay wall... I'm a broke college student going into med school, so I don't think I'll get my results. Sorry man. That's like, 5 tacos on taco Tuesday and I need to eat.

  21. In my opinion, the problem with people on this sub, on average and statistically speaking[because we also have a lot of really intelligent, but at the same time wise and very kind and humble guys here], is a large dose of egoism and narcissism, because due to their high IQ, over time during their lives they have gained the impression that they are better and more valuable than others, and as the main argument for such an opinion they don’t use anything else but their high IQ.

  22. Are you used to 80 milligrams of caffeine? A little less than a cup of coffee. If so, go for it!

  23. Definitely a tad off center on both axes. I think it would grade a PSA 9 and you are better of keeping it as is. CGC is the best comics grader, and they are getting a lot of notoriety for Pokemon cards and quickly become one of the biggest graders. I honestly think they are grading very accurately. Usually if I get a lower grade and I examine the card it was justified, I just missed what they are looking at. They are usually stricter than BGS and PSA but think about all that cost of crossover as part of the equation and what do you gain vs what do you potentially lose.

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