1. Blatant Ageism during pride month 🤣. Only on Reddit

  2. Wait until you hear about minimum ages to hold certain office positions. It will blow your

  3. It's mush now, 2 years and it may be full on mashed potatoes.

  4. I get shit about this from a friend - Nicholas Cage. I honestly can't stand him. His face. His voice. His "acting." It's all awful.

  5. I’m sure there’s a bunch of science behind the real reason why, but at the end of day it’s the crunch and the milk.

  6. Not regretted seeing, but “Requiem for a Dream” is definitely a “one and done” movie.

  7. Surely people won’t give away a clue to their mother’s identity that easily. Right?

  8. “Surely you can't be serious,” “I am serious — and don't call me Shirley.”

  9. I was surely expecting to see one of these on fire. You guys get brutal wildfires.

  10. I wonder how it’s DNA was changed as a result. It seems like it can still replicate its cells.

  11. Thinking the same. There were only 170 individual trees that survived Hiroshima. They became charcoal husks in an ashen, black and white world. Then, at some point, Gingkos popped green in that grey world and grew back stronger.

  12. I think using jam is your problem. Jam is gross, jelly is infinitely better. Also PB&J slaps I’m a grown ass man and I being PB&J to work for lunch 😂

  13. Never tried it, maybe I will if I find it lol what’s the consistency like? Similar to PB or closer to jelly?

  14. Not sure where you’re at, but it’s more like a spread, (thinner than PB and Jam or Jelly). Popular in states that have Amish close by. They slow cook apples with cinnamon and other spices until the apples caramelize and melt down into a spread.

  15. There’s only one good reason for this… at least one employee who stocks the shelves, loves Legos. This is not done out of force, this is done out of respect.

  16. You saw the ginger hit that falsetto and then noticed the hose in his pants didn’t you.

  17. Went with the "poke holes in it & squeeze until empty" technique

  18. And dude didn’t die. I believe John Wick considers that knife placement a “professional courtesy”.

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