1. is it as good as its predecessor ?? i didnt even start this one

  2. Is there a predecessor to this?? What is the title

  3. mb mb confused this with irregular squad

  4. It’s nice that 2s is getting so much attention after 3s and 1s being the only cares about gamemodes for so long. Now if only there was a format that could combine 3s, 2s, and 1s into one perfectly balanced and exciting series…

  5. Seikoo back to Endpoint don't tell me not to believe

  6. Important to note that this is voted on by the entire First Touch team, not just Raul, Demar, and myself! (don’t worry, we all watch RL religiously) This list will also occur bi-weekly from now on during every split!

  7. Eu #1 is this actually first touch ?? Lmao

  8. And then he was forever known as Btomic

  9. tf happened to 'The House Without Time' it came back released 1 chapter then vanished

  10. It's on like Season 4 there's just no one translating it and it hasn't been licensed

  11. I wanna see a team along the lines of Dark(?), T7LM, Senzo come together. Two young upstart mechanical wizzes teaming up with a longstanding respected veteran.

  12. t7lm isnt that young besides twiz & basil > t7lm

  13. My Thunt map forever im going to miss you

  14. memorize too popular to ever get axed iirc it started the whole returner trend

  15. feer johnny 1s you and CJ can take a break for a couple of weeks

  16. Wait this got played right now? Like right after Rw9 has played multiple RLCS series to warm up? Weird timing tbh

  17. how tf is khalid winning against ahmad ???

  18. Both trk and Khalid are rated higher here

  19. If we are going by who is best now its without question trk bt thats not the post is it

  20. the scary thing is NWPO was out meching Zen barely bt ZEN just kept soul reading the fk outta NWPO

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