1. Interesting response for just pointing out the appropriateness of your profile pic and name lol

  2. This sucks so much to read. I never experienced anything close to what Tim went through, but I have felt constant guilt for things numerous times and find myself continuously apologizing.

  3. Oh wow, you got 3movs to respond to you! A celebrity of the incel world! You should feel special... And by special I mean find somewhere to vomit as he's one of the most pathetic members of that site.

  4. At least one person said "no". He's actually smart enough to understand why a teacher having sex with a student is illegal.

  5. "First billed as a rally, the gathering was downgraded into something more “intimate,” Klepper noted."

  6. His crowds are definitely down (thank the gods), but the impression I came away with is they're terrified of trolls and hecklers so now they vet the ever living shit out of everyone there to make sure they're looney enough to attend.

  7. Also, the argument about the non-fully developed brain is complete bogus and you should be able to realize that. Men’s brains are also not fully developed until their early 20’s. Would that imply that any older woman being physically attracted to some 20 year old man is also a pedophile?

  8. What's wrong snowflake? Does someone being gender fluid scare you? Next thing you know, you'll be declaring a jihad against rainbows. Suck it up Susan, you'll live.

  9. so blue events are crossover like the G1 ROH super cards? i wonder why they dont come to the USA more..its so much better than WWE. STARDOM is awesome

  10. Because Japan literally just released all restrictions from the pandemic. Things are only beginning to get back to normal now, and there's only ever been one New Japan/Stardom show, and that was just last year.

  11. Are you saying "males of reddit" in general, or is there some sort of clique we need to deal with?

  12. It's funny... I was on vacation for ten days and then still was doing other things when I got home, and they were still dm'ing me.

  13. I did like Alvarez's suggestion that this be the main event of EC and also his thoughts on how he'd book the Bloodline storyline while not hurting Cody's involvement with Roman heading to Mania.

  14. Ah, no! Giulia's current theme is so magnificent. In my opinion, I don't think there's a way create a song that's a better fit. I'll be really sad when I don't hear it anymore. At least we'll have the great memories of moments like the epic 5 Star Grand Prix entrance of 2022.

  15. I called you a pedo you pedo. If you're not one, how about you stop defending a proven one that admitted she is?

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