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When laughter meets percussion

The process of taking a painful L

  1. Bro i thought the guy gave one hit and it did lot of damage. Atleast the guy didn't gave up.

  2. Its hard to watch this documentary. Idk when india will be free from these parasites. I dont think it wouldn't be under 1 or 2 decades

  3. There is a cord attached to the monkey, it's def trained to steal kids

  4. Np its not trained to steal. Actually it was trained to do some dance and other tricks but out of nowhere it came drags the kid. I dont remember whole story but i dont think the monkey was trained to do this type of works

  5. Although i didn't got discriminated very badly as i live in South Indian area(hyderabad) but i faced lot of situation where people think that im a muslim so i support pakistan, im against Hinduism and support terrorists like taliban, isis. Idk when india will be educated. SMH

  6. My father bought me a new bat when I was about 11. I couldn't sleep that whole night in the anticipation of first morning light to rush to the park nearby & play with it. Come morning I gathered 5 of my neighbors & cousins & together we all went & started setting up the stumps & all.15 minutes into the game & suddenly three boys (approx 18-19yrs) came & uprooted the stumps & started throwing us outta the park saying, "It's Friday, the Jumma day today & only we play today."

  7. Its a Indian Tollywood film. I would highly recommend you to watch it.

  8. It'll grow wings, but the difference is the wings will be made of cancer

  9. Bro what in the hell is this sound is. Like somebody is vomitting.

  10. Bro i transferred this types of bricks from ground floor to 3rd floor of my house, only 4-5 bricks at a time made me tired for next round. Imagine how much tired they get after whole day daily.

  11. I always watch mnk youtubers like metaphor. But when i watch normal players with controllers their aim are not accurate the aim assist do lot of work. Im not a new player but i play warzone rarely (im student btw) its hard for me to be accurate. When i saw a teammate who uses controller, get kills with the help of aim assist. Ik they cant have multi keys like kbm. But i get lot of controller players and im pissed off bcz of that. I cant improve myself.

  12. We are living in augmented reality. This the glitch in the matrix.

  13. Bro im literally in a toilet and exclaimed loudly after it hit her.

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