1. I haven't seen it in any dispensary. I would check the Joint downtown, as well as Hippy Hut, and maybe Headies Hideout.

  2. I'm going to see if i can find this here in cbus. That looks awesome!

  3. It's some fire. I know they have it at Bloom in Columbus and carts are 20% off tomorrow they also have a 510 .5g of the motor cake Live rosin

  4. They have the Motor Cake strain in that style, but not the one you posted. Still may give it a try!

  5. Thank you for mentioning the r/. I have been saving mind and have yet to figure out what or if I'm going to do anything with it. That community helped me A LOT!

  6. I use humidity packs. Most dispensaries should have them in the menu to get along with your flower. Amazon also sells them in large packs for a little cheaper. A good "novelty" shop, like the joint or hippy hut, would sell them as well! Makes a huge difference in how the flower vapes, tastes, and just looks too! Highly recommend try one to see if you like it!

  7. it's a sneak peek from BR! very nice strain imo.

  8. It's frustrating for sure! I mean comments here at least count 😂 😂

  9. I love mine! Upgraded from a stick battery that was VV. But being able to go as low as 2.0v, sooo nice!!! Usally I stay around 2.3-2.7v for my live resin carts.

  10. 92 cookies is my favorite strain in the program and the regular “dosidos” is better than the lemon in my opinion. Sour blue diesel has a great flavor if that’s what you are looking for

  11. I'll 2nd the sour blue diesel! That is my daily driver and a strain I'm always going to keep on hand!

  12. Keep an eye on your drinks and DO NOT let the out of your sight!

  13. Sour blue diesel by BR, the soap and solo burger by Galenas, woreoz or orangu tang by Harvest are all my go to strains right now. Don't heighten my anxiety and helps lower it, helps with my adha, and is just a really good feeling!

  14. I made the switch to a dynvap m 2022 and never picked up a lighter again. I want something portable, so I'm in the market for a mighty or pax. I Havnt made my mind up. I'm just hoping for a good 420 sale

  15. Look into an xmax v3 pro potv edition, starry v3, or the planet of the vapes "one". All these are under $100. I own a pro and starry. The "one" has high reviews as well! They make adaptors to use them with your existing glass pieces. Best. Thing. Ever!

  16. Starry has a bad reputation, might not want to get that one. XMAX tops the One but both are good.

  17. Put of curiosity, what and why? My starry was my 1st vape and I love it. Tho I love my xmax much more!

  18. Sbd from BR is soooo goood! It's nice to see everyone enjoying it, tho now it's harder to find 1/2 Oz 😂 😂 😂

  19. Agreed! This has been my daily strain for the past month. It helps so much with my anxiety, depression, ptsd, and ADHD (self-diagnosed) I love it! I finally feel like a functioning adult for the first time in a long time!

  20. Review : 🔥 Smells AMAZING..taste AMAZING....Picked this up on suggestion from the fabulous budtender Gavin at Harvest ..and he wasn't wrong ..this is probably my favorite BR strain next to the Lemon 🍋 Dosidos this for $21 out the door ..nice fresh batch ..BR never disappoints ..Highly recommend!

  21. I love how this smells!! One of my favorite strains so far!

  22. I picked up a half of Sour Blue Diesel and 11.3g of Garlic Breath 2.0.

  23. Sour blue is one of my go to daytime strains! It's fantastic!!!!

  24. Thank you for the heads up! Fingers crossed! Hope I win. I been wanting one so bad!

  25. Yes, they do use them in their dist pods.

  26. They are one of my two go-to dispensaries. I love their orangu tang flower. It's a great clear headed, motivated, and active high for me! I love it. I'm get weed anxiety and panic attacks easy.

  27. I'm waiting for amplify to release their stuff tomorrow. Going to treat myself for my bday and try the system out! Not a luster pod fan cause they so spicy even with the br red battery.

  28. Not sure! Haven't seen anything related to a release from them. I hope so cause I love BR

  29. What’s the little clear sensor do, I haven’t figured it out

  30. That is, I believe a color sensor. The airgraft released in California as I believe one to get a smarter but very user friendly vape out. Also, I think a pax pod competitor. It also was a way to curb the black market carts and stuff that has blow up out that way. It was subscription based, pay $10 a month, then when you "unlocked" the pod. You would put the battery on your phone screen and it would flast a set of red, green, and blue which would tell the battery to fire and what program to run for temps.

  31. Wait so you had to pay a subscription fee on top of the cost of the pod itself, just to use the pod?

  32. When it was starting out yes. Tho mind you pod prices are like $9 bucks+ (happen to go looking at their California site.

  33. I use a starry xmax. I just looked it up on planet of the vapes and it's currently $69 (nice) on a 4/20 deal.

  34. I agree with this. I have a starry 3.0. It's really good. I researched which one to get within the op's price range A LOT. The solo v2 is what I was looking at getting at some point for a desktop/at home vape.

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