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  1. That's the spelling in Turkish. Germany is Deutschland and Japan is Nippon, but we aren't changing those either.

  2. I’ve always wondered why not. Like why don’t we use the closest phonetic approximations of what the countries call themselves?

  3. Many Wikipedia pages have etymology sections to help explain that. The reasons can vary wildly.

  4. I understand and I feel for her. Being confronted with negative reactions can be very off-putting for a content creator. I would ask what would be a better way for people to have handled this in your opinion?

  5. What I said in my first post:

  6. I'm sure some people just assume that everyone knows what they know. I think it would be kinder for those people to have put more effort into their explanations, but I also don't think it is incumbent on them to provide support for a content creator that unknowingly supports something they disagree with. Withdrawing membership and viewership is a perfectly valid part of protesting and in this case it worked as intended. This situation is still a success even if it could possibly have been handled slightly better. Pikamee isn't "canceled" or anything.


  8. Seems like the article mentions one book banned in California and then wastes the rest of the time talking about how various groups wanted things banned. Also, interesting comment history you have there.

  9. Oh no, a bi sub is challenging the Democrat propaganda. Everyone run! Ironic though that you're in a post because a group wants to ban books yet lament an article outlining the same thing being done by your preferred party.

  10. I barely even noticed the comments were in bi subs. I just clicked on your profile to see the entire first page being comments marked nsfw.

  11. Incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons gives off soot, carcinogenic PAHs, carbon monoxide, and more.

  12. The workers on the news yesterday said this was preferable because an uncontrolled explosion could send shrapnel from the train cars up to a mile away.

  13. Ah yes, Twitter. Least janky and most readable site, and definitely not the worst layout for reading a back-and-forth conversation in the history of mankind.

  14. This is one guy in a series of tweets, not a back and forth. The linked site put massive ads between tweets on my phone.

  15. Aren't the white plates with black letters used to identify drivers who have been convicted of a DUI?

  16. Black on white is also used for

  17. Collector plates look nice and clean, and you'd exempt from the front plate requirement.

  18. I have them on a car right now and I wish I had other options, partly because of people possibly thinking they are whiskey plates and also because white plates are boring lol

  19. Both articles say teens and the first one very specifically mentions why it includes them:

  20. There's someone in Eagan on Pilot Knob with huge anti-abortion signs in their yard they change out every so often. Been doing it fir decades, and regardless of the message its just a big eyesore. I always wonder what the restrictions are on sinage size and quantity in Eagan when I drive past but I've never bothered to look it up so it must not bug me that much.

  21. FYI, they aren't changing it out. Every time it changes is because someone defaced the shit out of it lol. They're just painting over the defacement.

  22. i got a steam deck and emulated ocarina of time, windwaker, and twilight princess. So far they've all run perfectly except for the last time i played twilight princess. One of the open field areas was making my frame rate drop, didn't google a fix yet. Definitely want to play more, though.

  23. Go into dolphin settings for Twilight Princess and turn on the speed hack under patches.

  24. oo i'll try this later today, appreciate the help! saved me some time hahahaha

  25. No problem. It worked like a charm for me. Removed the lag and I don't notice any other differences.

  26. Check out vibrantDeck on Decky. I have mine set to 120 saturation and it helps with how dull the screen is.

  27. Lol if only Reddit could shut up about a children’s cartoon 😂.

  28. The new show isn't for children.

  29. Just in time for my flight...awesome.

  30. Wait I thought they said that what the teacher did was in no way islamophobic? What parts the islamophobic part The teacher part or the firing the teacher part or the covering up the firing the teacher part? Seriously when did the islamophobia happen supposedly not if it did it supposedly happen but when did it supposedly happen not you know to say it did or it didn't. I'll see myself out.

  31. Is this a markov chain bot?

  32. New Reddit does that on purpose for some reason.

  33. Reddit has been aware of it for many months and doesn't fix it. Meanwhile, third party app developers have already fixed it. I can't see any reason other than reddit not caring about old reddit or trying to get people to stop using it.

  34. This is a bot that copies other comments.

  35. FYI, there's no R33 Nismo. This is just an R33 with a Nismo intercooler. There are Nismo cars, but none of them are just called a GT-R Nismo like the R32 and this isn't one of those cars.

  36. I wasn't sure. Thats pretty much what I figured after looking into it though. GTR with Nismo kit added.

  37. Yep, that's the one I was referring to. I don't think anyone would remove the 400R bodykit, meaning this one wasn't a 400R. If you want more info on various models, the

  38. You seem very confident that they have never cosplayed.

  39. Ah yes a two year old account suddenly started acting like a bot. You OK?

  40. Yes, it's extremely common now. Go to any of the threads they've commented in and search for their comments. Every single one is copied. Also, they have no activity before 4 days ago. This is a textbook bot and they're all over reddit now.

  41. So you'd rather use a disputed term that you clearly know is not used or appreciated by most people on the island of Ireland? Instead of just, y'know, being cool about it?

  42. There's even an article on the subject.

  43. This is a bot that copies comments.

  44. Barrel Theory is amazing if you like IPAs.

  45. well to be fair this isn't true, Gandi wasn't married to or had sex with any child. He did sleep with his granddaughter and probably others which is weird af. But the apparent reason was to test how much he could control his lust or whatever so they didn't end up having sex.

  46. I find your desire to restrict our rights to be very offensive and close minded.

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