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  1. Does he really think that statement will endear him to more voters?

  2. Does anyone still think he's capable of forethought? Stop giving him attention.

  3. It is not my "giving him attention" that makes the slightest difference. It takes his own cult to drop him dead that will be the thing that stops him. When people stop going to his rallies and buying his campaign crap which will be his final notice to stop.

  4. You are describing multiple ways to give a narcissist the attention he wants.


  6. Are you talking about some morons in the crowd or elected/appointed officials of the party?

  7. Why does this thumbnail look like a terrible social media ad?

  8. Start identifying the State they are supposed to be representing.

  9. Hey now, House Reps. represent districts in a state. Not the whole state like Senators. Plus Boebert still might get voted out. Colorado is a Blue State and lets people fix mistakes on their ballots.

  10. Yes, you are correct, what I'm saying is that the reality is that they are not going to be compensated fairly. Disney does not have a good track record of employee appreciation

  11. And therefore, going back to my comment that you objected to… the employees have a choice to leverage their collective power and demand better pay.

  12. And Disney has the financial weight and stability to completely ignore them with minimal losses

  13. The quality of liquor stores in this state is by far the lowest of any state I’ve been in. Even the better ones seem like they just pile bottles where the delivery guy leaves them

  14. What city are you talking about? Can't be Denver. I see you are in Park Hill. As much as I hate the owners, Mr. B's at Stanley Marketplace is near you and it's a beautiful and well curated shop.

  15. If we wanted to screw over rich conservatives then we shouldn't have voted to lower their taxes.

  16. As someone recently from the liquor distribution industry, Kroger and Total Wine sure as hell want these to pass. Why would they spend millions on a campaign otherwise. Rich people aren't a monolith, the local rich benefit from the lower taxes, the out of state rich would benefit from changes to the liquor laws.

  17. Imagine using local and Kroger together. Kroger is pushing these initiatives so they can take more money out of our state. Fuck Kroger.

  18. Nearly all of the funding and support for those measures came from out-of-state giant corporate interests. Locals love their local businesses.

  19. Its a sad thing the best we can do is Bennett. O 'Dea was even worse. So our choice was between bad and worse.

  20. I downvoted you for complaining about downvotes. They're imaginary points that mean nothing, so have some more.

  21. jesus christ. Look at the account and it's karma. It's a troll/shill account, call it what you want, and you clearly got emotional like they wanted.

  22. You go kid, be the asshole you see when you look in the mirror! Don't let anyone get in your way.

  23. Can't believe I didn't think of this myself, I've been trying desperately for months with the various AI tools to make convincing images of the Dragonborn and Goliath characters in my table's party.

  24. Damn, I'll look at the link. What would be the better way to share those ? Mega ? Dropbox ?

  25. True, "character" might have more costume and makeup associated with and be more forgiving than "person". All trial and error though.

  26. Yet another slightly early one for the Aussie and Kiwi fans. :) cough…Not-at-all-a-VPN-hint…cough

  27. It's okay to just tell people to use a VPN. 😄 The coughing thing lost it's cuteness several singles ago.

  28. Meh. You're a hypocrite and should let the smart people run things. Clearly your approach is only alienating your company from the community.

  29. lol what a bunch of ungrateful pricks, good that you're gone.



  32. The link is for you to read. Are you serious? It's a PR from stability themselves briefly explaining, among other things, how they used the LAION-5B set you pulled examples from.

  33. Was waiting for a jump scare and was not disappointed lol.

  34. You haven't been paying attention. There are traditional digital artists in this sub using SD to enhance or even reovolutionize their workflow. If someone uses img2img from their own drawing to achieve better results... how can that not be considered art?

  35. Ask the people using it to create art. Did everyone freak out like this when Photoshop came out?

  36. So glad Mahomes choked today. Enjoy! We expect our team to suck, so no loss. Always glad to see your gloating asses knocked down.

  37. Awesome! Can't wait! Know of any pics of the merch stand anywhere?

  38. No pics but there is a pretty sweet black jacket with "The Midnight" in red on the back.

  39. Greg Abbott is a little piss baby. Kudos to the mod team here, as a former Texan I'm always ashamed to say I came from a state run by a little piss baby. It's about time the world knew it. Come and get me Texas.

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