1. But it’s Jacksonville. Who doesn’t do crime together?

  2. Wowowin, two talk shows (Toni, MOMs: Mhies on a Mission), an Anthony Taberna public affairs show (Kuha All)

  3. Gives a smile to my face na flop yung kay Taberna. Up yours kulto fanatic.

  4. Natatawa ako na nalimutan siya ng PEP writers. Haha. Tinapatan pa 'yung timeslot ni Korina eh, ayan.

  5. Bhutan and Nepal are mostly in the Himalayas which would technically be in East Asia and not India

  6. One pro of if they didn't paint it, tourist will not flock. the OG form does not register well in cameras unless you're a skilled photographer

  7. Would not have been a problem these days. Smartphone cameras are extremely advanced even for 2010 standards.

  8. Paano kung 'yung enjoyment ng tao ay mag-criticize? Let people enjoy shit.

  9. Maybe mom complained about having married this guy who was all about the no-money lifestyle

  10. Hoping the next guy she’s with finds that post and realizes he may also just be a stepping stone for her own, personal development as well…

  11. He's the fiance of the week in today's episode of The Mary Khanjian Project.

  12. He and Cheyenne also spend their time talking politics. Woke.

  13. The lawyer banged the waitress or the Gang banged the lawyer?

  14. Uhh I’m more concerned by the labia majora…

  15. That face….and your worried abt the boob? That’s a very realistic boob. My boobs feel represented

  16. The nose is disturbingly triangular and seems to start at the hairline.

  17. Maybe this is Islamic calligraphy written by someone with Parkinson's?

  18. Because these leaks came out in 2018. OP is rehashing the scandal to oppose Upsilon's participation in UP Fair.

  19. hindi rin po kapani-paniwala na ang aming mga “progresibong” lider-estudyante ang mismong nagbigay sa kanila ng plataporma sa UP Fair :D

  20. A friend from UP Law said they don’t really consider UP Law BGC as true UP Law because of how easy they have it compared to the Diliman campus.

  21. Same lang naman. Hardcore pa nga yung ibang BGC profs like Prof. John Molo. Some profs now do both Diliman and BGC (hence, online classes should really continue to be an option). Nasa student pa rin naman yun in the end.

  22. People ain't familiar with Glenn close boiling an.. actual bunny?

  23. Most people here would probably not be born before Forrest Gump, much more Fatal Attraction.

  24. He mentions in the all nighter episode in season 1 that he witnessed his twin brother drown to death and that he has eaten human flesh before. I assume his family escaped something tragic. He also mentions in the Olympics episode that his grandma took him to the green card store with knock off hand bags to get his green card (which is clearly a fake green card) so he definitely came with family.

  25. I kind of take that story with a grain of salt. Mateo embellishes sometimes.

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