1. What do you do that you've driven 130k miles in 2 years?

  2. Seems to be an American thing. Glad we don't have that in my country

  3. As an American I've never seen them except if you sign up for them. I've had the occasional scam text pretending to be Amazon or something but that's about it.

  4. I'm a Brit who has been to the US 8? times. It blows my mind that there are Americans who "dream" of seeing the Grand Canyon or the Pacific Ocean. Just... go.

  5. It's a big country bud. The grand canyon is about 3000km from me and I live in KY which is in the middle part of the county.

  6. I live in central KY and it seems to check everyone of those boxes. Jobs depends on what your industry/ field is but there's a variety of stuff available here.

  7. Aaaaargh matey! There be other ways to get yer youngins tv if ya be willin' ter sail the high seas.

  8. Hit up Aldi for cheap German chocolate and flowers then go for a walk in the arboretum.

  9. Only about 40% of adults in Ohio own a registered weapon sooooooooo.... I understand there will be unregistered weapons as well but I doubt it's the other 60%

  10. Registered? I don't live in Ohio but have some family there. To my knowledge Ohio has no gun registry.

  11. Ohio has no law requiring that you register your weapon. But if you have it registered it can be tracked if it gets stolen and whatnot

  12. Neat, thanks for sharing. Is it run by the state police or something? Also I can tell you 90 percent of gun owners probably wouldn't want to register theirs.

  13. Not as ironic as you think. You can't smoke in any store in the U.S. that I know of. You can't drink in a liquor store. You can't shoot guns in a gun store.

  14. It varies by state and locality. My local pipe/ cigar store allows smoking and has a lounge.

  15. I don't think the market is gonna slow down all that much any time soon around here.

  16. Yeah 8 donots is depressing, but consider the cost of living in Vietnam vs the US. I mean the federal minimum wage in the US is $7.25 which would be working an entire 8 hour day for $58. So roughly $50 a day after taxes. That’s pretty sad all things considered.

  17. I live in a pretty low cost area with federal minimum wage. Absolutely nowhere here pays as low as minimum wage. Most fast food pays $12-$16.

  18. Charlie Brown's. Softly lit and full of couches. Feels kinda like an old hippy professor's living room. Not a ton of vegan stuff that I recall but the drinks are cheap and there's a few appetizers that might be vegan.

  19. That makes me happy that they're doing good business even if it means it might be harder to get a couch on a Friday night. So long as they stay open and don't change.

  20. They pulled my backpack off the x-ray machine and hand searched it. The first thing that came out was my wallet (because I put it in there on top right before security). The officer then looked at everything in the wallet.

  21. I've had my carry-on ransacked a few times over thick books.

  22. This happened in Ukraine. He got quite lucky and the round missed all bones, critical nerves, and blood vessels. It was a 7.62 round.

  23. Sure I agree. That doesn’t mean we round them up and shoot them

  24. Thank you! Kewpie is always the best. I always have to order it as they never carry it in stores close by, but it's always worth it

  25. Check any Asian grocery stores or markets. They always seem to have it.

  26. Dryer’s has made its way into the east. The Edy’s factory by my house recently changed names to Dryer’s.

  27. I remember seeing both brands growing up in northern Illinois.

  28. I'm guaranteed 40 hours at my current job. My last one didn't always guarantee it but I got 40 hours or slightly above. I also live in an area with a pretty low cost of living.

  29. As someone who has a cat. In this situation you shouldn’t really stop them. When they learn the hard way they learn to not do it again

  30. Depends on the cat. Mine just happens to be dumb and not learn from his mistakes.

  31. Good luck. It's sad but I'm pretty sure tv repair is a dead trade.

  32. Yeah apparently the robber could now potentially have a master key to every mailbox in the city... This should be fine.

  33. Eh, those are easy to pick/ break into anyway. Honestly mail crime is not taken lightly USPS has their own police task force for mail crime. They take that stuff very seriously.

  34. I work with another RBT who is 70 and is great at his job. You'll do just fine.

  35. Are there laws requiring the ammunition be locked up? Otherwise the simplest solution is to just make a pile on the floor, followed closely by putting it on a shelf or something.

  36. Not where I live. Sounds to me like he just gave the new homeowners an expensive surprise gift.

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