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  1. forgot about that, when he's in his room going through withdrawal hallucinations

  2. It baffles me how much this sub loves What Went Down. A good album but come on...

  3. Front row second from the right looks like a Glayva bottle

  4. So it looks like Jorja Smith is on the neighboring stage right before The Seeds are due to come on. I cant see much overlap of Jorja fans and Nick fans so your best bet is to go see Jorja and make your way in as far as possible to the (red) right hand side of the crowd. When jorja fans disperse it should make more room for you. If youre really wanting to be at the barrier then i would go earlier but for the love of god bring sun screen and water.

  5. Genuinely feels like half of Glasgow is going to this festival.

  6. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. One of the absolute greatest live acts in the world, and one of the most significant artists of his generation. I genuinely think he'll be looked back on as a Dylan/Cohen level lyrical talent, and he's backed up by one of the best bands around. And not to put too fine a point on it, but they ain't getting any younger.

  7. I just wish the emotion and atmosphere was captured in an indoor venue. It gets kind of lost outdoors in my opinion.

  8. Is that fake grass i see them putting down? I haven't been since 2017 and remember it being all gravel. Is this new?

  9. A favourite of mine. Nice review. Surprised you didn't get smoke on the nose!

  10. Eating pineapple doubles your calorie intake

  11. Kudos! I haven't seen a percentage that low on anyone's wrapped

  12. I always thought scumbag blues sounds like magnificent seven by clash

  13. Not a chance. The setlist has been sturdy for weeks now.

  14. Just imagine what Simon Cowells face is going to look like after all that botox in 5 years time. Man, you do NOT want to miss the show. Would rather youre here for it

  15. Imagine calling a buttery a “Rowie”

  16. I'm from Peterhead and they call it a fucking "cookie". Ridiculous.

  17. I’m from Peterhead too and can you believe people in Aberdeen have never heard of the term “scurry”? Fucking unbelievable

  18. Really? I thought it came from Aberdeen. The more you know .

  19. Apparently, Le Pine, a family home designed by SAOTA has a dramatically folded floating roof.

  20. This sub creams over 505 way to much. I'm sorry. What an overrated song. Its Certain Romance all the time. Lucky enough to have experienced it.

  21. The sparse white hairs around his eyes remind me of Van Gogh paintings!

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