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  1. No. Been going there since 1990s, and they were never 24h.

  2. Watched the first episode, there are some interesting characters in it and the case seems interesting, but I was bored watching it.

  3. I don't even disagree with this. I feel like half of the three episodes could've been eliminated, but even with that said, there was payout in maybe the last thirty mins, when the DNA evidence was taken into consideration. My whole thought process on the topic changed at that point, and I now believe in a third option, one that they didn't discuss at all.

  4. What an absolute treat, thank you for sharing this.

  5. Half in Portuguese. Why aren't there subtitles?

  6. Why are you posting this using different accounts?

  7. Cow's milk isn't a big part of Indian cooking to begin with, so you wouldn't really need "Kerala style" food. Avoid Aab and related restaurants, which use heavy cream instead of ghee, and avoid all desserts, which often use powdered milk, and you should be ok.

  8. There is not one data point that shows it works for omicron and other recent variants

  9. ? Masks? Do you also accept that seatbelts work, but not on Steltzer Rd because none of the studies were performed on that exact street? Masks are a physical intervention, not a chemical one, so you don't have to reprove their functionality as time passes.

  10. How is a safety feature with a vehicle similar to that of a face diaper for a now entrenched virus? Seatbelts have been around for ages with many tests whereas there has been no data in last 12 months to suggest mandates had any impact on latest variants. Enjoy your diaper, sheep! I won’t be wearing it lol

  11. I don't think people rent at that price point...

  12. Of course they do. Both for high-end Airbnb reasons and for short-term job reasons.

  13. No one went for the “art” lmao. They went to drink and feel hip doing it (which is fine). Don’t try making it more wholesome then it was.

  14. Off and on there was great art in Gallery Hop in the beginning, and i still vividly recall some of the shows. Most people were probably there to have a novel, interesting thing to do on a Saturday night, but some people did go for the art. No one I know went for the alcohol. that's just a weird claim to make.

  15. This is true. But if you are not in main campus OSU you are not union and will be denied pay raises. OSU looks all charming but they are a very ugly entity who is much tighter with the purse strings.

  16. Not true at all. I know people at both east hospital and care point, and they're not denied raises at all. they get them at the same time as the main hospital.

  17. So when the police have a theory about a criminal conspiracy. They might as well give up because conspiracy theories are never real. What they need to do is discover a conspiracy without first believing it is a conspiracy. Because by your logic, it is believing in the conspiracy that makes it untrue.

  18. if you're not a moron, which you clearly are, you would be able to read the post i wrote and see that your entire response is dumb and antagonistic. your mommy should limit your internet time.

  19. i know dan bell from a different time in his life, and this was fascinating to stumble across.

  20. Is it just possible that the vaginal swab women were more attractive?

  21. I do, that's why I can confirm your zero-value added comment added nothing I didn't know, so the cunty attitude ("Do you honestly know this little about the topic?") wasn't necessary. Unless you woke up with a pickle in your ass, why the hostility lol

  22.'s only zero value if you can't read, or are a liar. In three posts, you've managed to demonstrate that you're dumb, a liar, racist, and sexist. It's like some kind of a record.

  23. Part of my answer was deleted before I hit send and I didn't see it until now. I get what you're suggesting, and I don't think that exact scenario has been prosecuted here, but per local laws what you're suggesting is at best in a legal gray area, and at worst may already be illegal. The current laws are written to prevent shipping in controlled substances from out of state, but it would take less than 12 seconds to get misoprostenol or whatever added to that.

  24. this already isn't true. i'm in Ohio, for example, and they definitely have their own laws on the books about not filling out-of-state prescriptions,

  25. Yo, in most states you can rape a trans woman. You can just claim you thought they were cis and you were deceived. Its banned only in a few states. Just by you thinking im unnecessarily cursing means you have no idea how bad it is. My friends are in constant physical danger and trans panic is only outlawed in two states. The whole southern half of USA is calling them pedophiles, groomers, doxxing them, and calling for their deaths. They are being legislated to death and I am very very fucking pissed. You know what this is? Republicans are taking a minority too small to talk back, turning them into the boogeymen, killing them, and claiming themselves as heroes. For votes. This is extremely fucked and sad.

  26. This is factually incorrect, and I'm pretty sure you're aware of that. Yo. Which is why you're not able to offer a link.

  27. Yeah im not doing any favors to my friends but you know what I dont care. Will you actually care about the people I care about from a Reddit post? Will you recognize propoganda? Probably not right? Will anything convince you? No? Then whats the point? I feel happy wishing you all to die of some painful condition like I will! Leave people the fuck alone. Unnecessarily cursing? Are you 14? I'll be honest, i do want to help people but ive fucked that up but oh well but yeah who is gonna convince you guys.. You think this is shallow but this is born out of months of despair, maybe you guys would do better to engage in some introspection

  28. You sound like an imbecile, and are quite possibly psychotic. Learn how to read, and grow the fuck up, dimwit. Medication isn't going to help you with the lying, but it might help you avoid future meltdowns like you're having now.

  29. My first Sheetz experience had me choosing between Applebees and Sheetz, and I decided to give it a go on the basis of this forum. Food there was noticeably better than I would've gotten for more than twice the price at Applebees, and the sando included an actual, misshapen, real-as-in-a-bird's-body-part chicken breast. That alone pleased me immensely. It was fully cooked, but not overly dry. The sauce was good, the avocado was fresh, and toppings were ample. Bun was ok, but I'm not really into bread, fries were meh. Lighting was good, speed of service was fast, bathrooms were excellent, store was sparkling, and the employees were hilarious. Even the fountain drinks were a little bit special, with that weird fruit flavor add-in thing, so you can try mango coke, etc., if you'd like to.

  30. Haven't done it recently, but did it a few years ago, pre-covid, and it was an in-person thing. Also, there was an additional bizarre step that you didn't mention, so I don't know whether you missed it or the law changed, but even a couple of years ago, you had to post a public notification of intention to change your name in the newspaper. To do this was like an extra $20 or something, and it got published in an Ohio newspaper that literally exists for this sole purpose. No one reads it. I don't even think it's printed.

  31. Yeah, that’s still part of the process. It made me choose to publish it either in that one or the dispatch, but the dispatch costs more, so idk who would choose it

  32. Weird, right? I can't even imagine the function of that. The court filings are already public record. I wonder who owns the discounted, non-published newspaper. And whether I can make an even cheaper offering for some sweet sweet cash.

  33. I'm not at all saying no one's done it, but it's the prerogative of the prescriber or possibly the policy of the clinic at that point, not a legal or medical requirement. The doc who told you that was both lying and incorrect. Like I'm sure she doesn't test the toddlers she treats with the medication, it suddenly isn't "irresponsible" then.

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