Who was actually the worst President ever?

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Elon Musk says he wants 'Twitter 2.0' to have video chat, voice calls, and encrypted DMs — and has enlisted the help of Signal's founder

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  1. Has anything come of this laptop story so far beyond pictures of the president's son's penis?

  2. The documentary "Murder on a Sunday Morning" made me do a complete 180 about the death penalty.

  3. I just chalked it all up to being an Italian made movie. To my knowledge, nearly all Italian movies don’t record sound on set and have all the actors ADR their dialogue later. This is usually so they can have their actors be speaking different languages on set and be “fixed” in post, but this is still done even if they are all speaking the same language.

  4. Yes its the same in La Dolce Vita. The girlfriend character is clearly speaking English if you watch her lips and ignore the Italian dubbing.

  5. Federico Fellini's 8 1/2 is definitely there for me. Ditto most Charlie Chaplin movies

  6. Something about the sound and the way the dialogue is recorded in 8 1/2 always puts me to sleep. I don’t think I’ve ever watched it in one sitting.

  7. It probably goes further up the chain though. I'm thinking McConnell or DeSantis

  8. Directors-Terrence Malick, Christopher Nolan, David Lynch, Paul Greengrass, and Denis Villeneuve.

  9. It’s the best ever period for horror and best ever period for woman directors, but this year has been a shocker tbh

  10. I don't think this is the right use case for Twitter. I rarely interact with people I know personally on Twitter. It's more for engaging with public figures and news stories. So I can't see why video chat would come in handy.

  11. This is a statistic where the mean and the median vary quite a bit. There is a tiny percentage of hyper-promiscuous guys pulling the average up. Once you account for them, there's barely a difference between us gays and the heteros.

  12. Did you read that in the pulled-out-of-your-ass journal of statistics?

  13. He says he's making people pay for blue checkmarks, but really he's changing what a blue checkmark means.

  14. I think she’s going to go down in the history books with the great enablers of their time, like Neville Chamberlain, but I still think this is incredibly fucked up.

  15. I'm not sure what you're referring to. Her stance on Taiwan and Ukraine is the exact opposite of Chamberlain-esque appeasement.

  16. The two best leading actress performances of the year (Mia Goth in this and Rebecca Hall in Resurrection) won't be recognised by the oscars because of their anti horror bias.

  17. If you haven’t seen Resurrection yet that has a 7 min monologue that is also unreal

  18. Resurrection is one of the most off-the-wall insane-yet-brilliant movies I've seen in years.

  19. Possibly one of the slowest and most uninteresting films I've ever seen.

  20. Knowing (2009) was great until the end, which was terrible.

  21. It wasn't clear to me whether the numbers were disasters happening around the world, or in the immediate local area. Did she write down the death tolls from train crashes in India and Japan and so on?

  22. Some relatively obscure recent films I really enjoyed and would recommend:

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