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  1. Every damn day! I just had my mom iver for her birthday and we were just talking about my organized mess and my always lose it in a safe place qualities

  2. Yes. Scared the crap out of me the first time, i thought i was dead or something and couldnt move. It probably lasted 5 seconds but felt like years. It still freaks me out, just to a lesser extent knowing ill be ok soon. Lucid dreaming happens to me a lot also but i never actually see anything in my dreams. I can describe it but its more like reading a book then watching a movie...if that even makes sense

  3. I bartended for a very long time and loved it. I still miss it although i do enjoy my career now in social work. I could never do a full office setting (tried and failed miserably) but i still need a consistent routine or work outline. The best jobs for me were the ones that consisted of doing all the same structured daily tasks but getting to meet with all diff people and diff experiences. Open the bar routine.....make drinks to the same recipie.....introducing yourself the same way 100 times a day for years...closing duties.....everyday was the same yet still so drastically different...and anything fast paced and high pressure just made it easier

  4. Omg its not just me....i dont even pee that many times during the day but before bed its at least 3 times over an hour....i even think i have to even if i dont....if i wake up i will never go back to sleep (unless its normal human being hours in whoch case i fall back asleep quite fast i dont get it) i really felt like it was just me

  5. I went through the same thing. I even told my therapist i thought i didnt have it and was only pretending to so id have an excuse as to why i just cant seem to act normal. (Idk how else to describe it) 3 doctors later ajd the same diagnosis each time and that feeling went away for me. The more i learned and got into forums with the same neuro minded people the more i got comfortable with the udea that im not actually faking. I guess it was like being in denial and finally embracing it

  6. Ive come to realize that i just prefer it cold at this point. Even when i make a hot dinner for the fam im always the kast to sit and eat and the food is already cold. I dont even order hot beverages anymore cause theyll never be hot when i drink them.

  7. Ive been saving since I was 14. It was never much but i put a little bit away each year. At 32 i had enough for 4 percent down which is almost 30k. Been saving more then half my life and i still didnt have enough for 5 percent in ny

  8. 32 and still a hot mess...granted the rest of the house is ok because i dont want it a disaster fir my bf and his kid but god damn he must be a saint because he never says how horrible the bedroom is

  9. Well if thats broke ish i guess im considered on welfare

  10. We didnt buy in our dream location. We are a town away but zoned for the same school district so we only about 5 minutes from where we wanted to be. We could not afford the suze if house we needed in the location we wanted. NY taxes and the fact that we would need flood insurance on top of 15000average a year in taxes with a min home price for the size we need being 600 or better was not gunna happen. We rent in the area right now and its 3250 a month for a 950sq foot home with a tiny yard. A little further north (5 min from our current rental) and we found a 2000sq ft home on .25 acres with no flood insurance and about 8000 in taxes and at top of our budget. Huge difference for 5 minutes away.

  11. Yes and now we got delayed even more and are now waiting to close again after being told "it will happen this week" for the past 2 months. Our prev lender must have thought we were stupid as first time buyers. ...we accepted a seller concession offer from the sellers as the house appraised over the sale price. Old broker decuded to then take about 20000 in commissions. As if we didnt notice the closing costs suddenly went to over 50000. We chnaged mid way and we have been having a hard time. The old lender told our seller lawyer we were denied and didnt have money...then our lawyers got involved it was a big thing. Our lender now is trying to rush the process without success....the underwriter has sent it back 4 tomes already because of a credit repair the old broker didnt tell us to fix or didnt tell us about. Worst experi3nce if my life i jever qanna but a house ecer again

  12. Anything is a possibility. I was just reaching out to see if any of my neighbors were on this sub and possibly found it. This is being made into a much bigger deal then i though...i legit was just hoping a n3ighbir found it on their property...holy crap

  13. I wish we were gunna have 1000 after bills. We are lucky to have maybe 500. This does not include any overtime...just base pay....but 1000 would have been nice

  14. Mortgage with taxes and insurace will be 4000. Rent was increasing to 3200. Buying a home with that mortage also almost doubled our sq footage from 950 to 1800...also almost tripled our property size from .09 to .25 acres

  15. Glad we locked in when we did getting 6%. Credit was not that great but with the fha loan we got the 6 percent only 2 weeks ago. Crazy how much 2 weeks changed everything. We got a free refi offer as well and we hope we can use it as soon as possible because the 6 percent def makes living a little uncomfortable. Not impossible but a lot tighter then we were hoping.

  16. List price is an arbitrary starting point. We can sell a home over list price in most years, it just depends on how you arrive at list price. "We sold this house ___ over list price" is lazy marketing. It doesn't mean what most consumers think it means.

  17. Agree. We are set to close on our first home and paid a good 60 over list price. The appraisal value came in higher then the sale price and we got some equity and seller concessions from it. The house was listed at 440 in an area of NY where average sale price is close to 500 and sale price for that area is about 550. They priced it extremely low. Even tho it sold for over asking it still sold less then its actual value

  18. My son wanted us to stay in the same area (its a part of the town thats a total of maybe 20 blocks) so that he could go to the same school. However although we would have loved to stay there as well the houses are either smaller then our rental or really big and way out of budget (its a boating community with many beach bungalos) the size house we would need was out of budget, the taxes are crazy high and the flood insurance made even the smaller houses almost impossible to afford. We were lucky to find one a few minutes north of where we live now that w9uld allow him to remain in the same school district although he would have to change elementary schools. We did take what he wanted into consideration but in reality we had to do whats best for all of us and not just listen to a 9 year old. If we did we would be eating mcdonalds for 3 meals a day, never brush our teeth and play video games 24/7. It is important to listen to what they have to say but kids are also very adaptable to change although they may he reluctant. I think a half hour is a very reasonable compromise for your family to be able to get what you need while being a short distance away. 8 is still an easy age to move around and a half hour is not far at all so even as they get older they can still venture and visit there friends without having to worry about them driving hours away when they just get their liscence. It sucks to say yhis but he will prob get used to it and not think otherwise once the transition happens. Let him design his own room and be apart of the new home process and before you know it he will be ok with the suburban life

  19. Thanks. Glad you listened to him and I too agree they should have an opinion and it should at least be considered. Not bragging, but my son hates junk food and loves brushing his teeth. You're not wrong about the video games though.

  20. I wish! I dont eat much fast food and i rarely let him get it to begin with but thats all he asks for! Plus he thinks since theyre baby teeth he doesnt need to brusb them since theyre hust gunna fall out anyway...its always an argument...i get to thank youtube for that one....apparently being in a youtube video makes it true

  21. But also the difference in property taxes! NJ over here shelling out $13k a year…

  22. Ratings dont matter. My bf thinks im around a 7. We had that talk years ago. Im not the best looking girl and i think im far from a 7. He thinks overall im a 12 becayse we are compatible and he lives my personality. Im no scarlett johanson and we both know that but i know we wouldnt trade each other for the world thats what matters most

  23. Socked feet dragging on carpet. The sound drives me crazy as well as how it feels when it happens. Also the feeling of velvet. I hate it and i cant touch it or wear it ever ajd i hope everything velvet burns in all eternity. I refuse to clean the fish tank or the turtle tank amd my bf will have to do it. The slimy rocks are just a hell no. Old food on plates in the sink that gets mushy. Also no. The list goes on but those are a few

  24. Not prozac but when i was first diagnosed years ago they said depression and gave ke zoloft. Started having suicidal thoughts and came off them asap

  25. Our rent was going up to 3200 and we couod own for 3500....but now with the rates we are gunna struggle with the mortgage since its so much higher then when we first went in contract (probate stall) and we cant stay here anymore because he has new renters coming in...i have a love hate with new york. To be fair to rent something the size of what we are planning on purchasing is about 5000 now and our mortgae will be less but its scary knowing 5 months later and in contract rates jumped so much that it went from affordable with a budget on the extras to unaffordable need to find another job each and no extra purchases until we can refi

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