When your city doesn’t fix your roads

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  1. And the bolts will always be baby Detroit after Stevie sprinkled some Detroit magic on them. We liked seeing our child grow up and win cups

  2. Detroit Red Wings shall rise again to beat your asses bloody!

  3. Last time I was on the subway in NY the Mets played the Yankees and two guys started pissing on each other because each were wearing the opposing jersey. This wasn't in a bathroom. They just pissed on each other and anyone in their vacinity.

  4. Lol you sound just like them. Basically verbatim of how it began:

  5. Coming to a complete stop in the middle of the street is also. What OP did could have saved his life if there was a semi truck behind them. Why should OP die cause of am idiot

  6. Lol stopping in a street is illegal when there's an obstacle in the road?? C'mon, say you're joking. OP had enough time to stop which is why they're calling themself the idiot.

  7. If ya ask me your opinion is the MORE idiotic thing to do. In fact- i was just talking about this, tooo many people want to sit around and spectate when some idiot is making a fool of themselves. Time = money, people, let'sssssss goooooo!!! Also, why put the unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicles brake system- theres plenty of space to go around. Don't wait for the idiots in the world to involve you in their idiocy!!!!

  8. If you buy a big enough vehicle, everything gets out of the way when you hit it.

  9. Pfff that’s like a .22 1911 and he’s holding it with his right left hand

  10. All American shooters know that right left hands are more lethal.

  11. This would be an amazing TV show if produced like the office or parks and rec.

  12. From someone who enjoys long meat tubes down my mouth and more importantly has also tried lots of different hotdogs

  13. Bruh didn't even list a Michigan coney dog but had the nerve to say that fucking radiation green relish bullshit served in ch*cag🤮 is top tier?? Ch*cag🤮 dogs are ass.

  14. Edited my comment but fuck you. The Chicago is top tier. Vienna beef reigns supreme. You should feel bad.

  15. Lol I saw! Vienna beef 🤝 Kowalski or Dearborn. The neon relish is fucking gross though and I'm not afraid to fight about it.

  16. Jesus Christ! Is it pregnant?!? I’ve seen plenty of articles on the invasive goldfish the size of footballs but I did NOT see one this large before.

  17. I’m from Minnesota but my mom moved to Michigan a handful of years ago and the first time I visited her I was surprised that liquor stores were called party stores there but it fits so well. I really like that.

  18. Her position was being loud on Twitter and offending Democrats as much as possible. She talked about carrying a gun to the Capitol, removing Nancy Pelosi, etc.

  19. DJT said she gives good head back in 2020. Instant boost among his cult.

  20. Yes it was nullified by the supreme Court's decision. That's the problem though if the supreme Court decides to reverse their position. That would invalidate Michigan's gay marriages.

  21. If it comes to that, like roe v wade, we'll have your back. 👍

  22. All comments regarding American elections, please reply to this sticky comment. We'll remove any comment related to US politics outside of this thread.

  23. I'm also on legal observer standby today to see if anyone's voting intimidating around my area today but there's really nothing happening, which is great.

  24. Moderating threads and polls. Chad reddit mod hobbies.

  25. Texas bbq sauce. Idk anyone in the state that puts ranch on bbq if it doesn't already have bbq sauce. Ranch is not a substitute for BBQ sauce but it is an additive.... Sometimes.

  26. Just makes the big 3 design their cars for the worst case scenario, their own roads

  27. Our city cars need to be more rugged than most off road vehicles lol.

  28. The changeover once you cross from Ohio to Michigan is the most noticeable state-to-state border I’ve ever experienced and I’ve lived in a lot of states.

  29. Well, tbf you're usually getting pulled over by an Ohio trooper the second you cross the border.

  30. I kept scrolling and was like ten posts off screen, clicked on the post and was reading the comments and reddit mobile was just trolling tf out of me playing this in the background even though I wasn't trying to hear this. Lol

  31. Get a poster of Carmen Electra and tape it to the ceiling above your bed.

  32. Bro! Don't get me started... Now Pierre Poutine is at the head of the party.

  33. Oh shit, I thought you were being a snarky Canadian when you called him that. You Canadians seriously have a dude running around called Pierre poutine?? Little on the nose, eh? I mean we don't have chet cheeseburger or miles milkshake running for office in the US. We do have a guy named Peter "tomahawk" Patriotmissile though...

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