1. I’m not really into DnD but maybe pop into one of the local game stores and ask if there’s a group to join. My favorite stores are Goblin Town Games and Gate City Games

  2. Lots of prayer lol! But for real; maxi pads, Tylenol, and some caffeine

  3. I so wish! I have also been waiting for years to see the manga end, which sadly probably won’t happen :(

  4. I bought her an outfit pretty early on! Probably before the 2nd trimester. I had a loss before but I wanted to be excited for this baby and now she’s here!

  5. Can you make like a paper cover to hide the real cover? Or hide the book in a binder or something

  6. We really like the snuggleme lounger! We never leave her in it unattended but it’s nice to set her down in and she finds it very comfortable! My husband also calls it the cuddleme which I like that name better lol

  7. Large for gestational age babies are prone to low blood sugars even in the absence of diabetes. I personally would not do anything.

  8. Thanks everyone! Just was surprised at my very large baby! She’s doing very well now

  9. I can see it work for Xmas pics! Where is this dress from?

  10. I got mine at 20 weeks but had a repeat scan at 26 I believe due to her not cooperating

  11. I actually like it! I wonder how it would look if the table were a lighter stain? If you are into DIY

  12. The comments were good, mostly people saying goto the doctor or ER immediately. A lot of people were asking for an update but the comments got turned off and OP never responded to anyone. People are saying ear infection/ruptured ear drum. One person said to put tea tree oil on a cotton ball and put in the ear.

  13. Ugh I saw this post too, hopefully she took her baby to the ER!

  14. Dang sounds like we’re getting super ripped off! What can we do about this? My husband said we shouldn’t go to this store anymore to play..

  15. My parents allowed me to watch scary movies way too young! I had nightmares and was scared for years. I could never imagine doing this to my child

  16. My 12 year old sister had a kid named Dagger in one of her classes once. I guess weapon names are in

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