1. And fellas, this is why ya dont date let alone marry a Kardashian. Them women break the minds of men. Sure, it's tempting. And sure, the honeymoon might be fun. But it wont be long before your brain goes on the fritz.

  2. you mean the time Obama called him a jackass? damn shame that a Democratic President can sniff out Kanye's issues but Trump cant.

  3. none at all? Cause there are actual legal cases opened against Trump. You may distrust the very institutions that for years the Conservatives championed. The very institutions run by conservatives to this day. And the rule of law has been violated time & time again by Trump and his kids.

  4. Trump is the king of filing frivolous lawsuits. He deserves what he gets and so much more. he's a jackass.

  5. Mortal Engines is a great looking movie. Rarely brought up. It was a rather original story and not a franchise thus it bombed at the theater.

  6. We live in a new age of Puritanism driven by the woke kids. Sounds weird but they are super weirded out by infidelity and any couple with age differences of more than 5 years.

  7. “Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition …There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.” -- Frank Wilhoit.

  8. That's such a simplistic moralizing bowl of bunk. First, Wilhoit provokes a fight from the Conservatives as he proclaims to be the holder of the truth of Conservativism. And he acts against good faith by using only HIS definition of the very term.

  9. ah. you simply cut & paste quotes taken out of context and think you are engaging in discourse. that is far from fascinating. you must think far higher of this approach than most people would.

  10. 24% raise????????????? This is why Unions have got to go.

  11. They know they wont get 24%. They also know you start HIGHER than where you are willing to settle. It's negotiation 101. Aint a sin. And they are leveraging their strength while having to get raises to fight Biden's Inflation.

  12. all but the 4 accepted the 24% increase as did the Biden Admin. Maybe you missed something in your idea of negotiations as it relates to this deal and being accepted at the increase already. Not sure why they need to start higher when they are already at the 24% increase. Did you not read what was accepted in the article by the other 12 and the administration?

  13. whoa whoa whoa. So the Unions get 24% and you blame them? Free enterprise & all that. We all cut our own deal in life. If they maximized their advantages good for them. Attack the Admin all you want if they caved and coulda got a better lower deal.

  14. Shawshank Redemption. It's an okay movie. the people that think it's a great film are being ridiculous.

  15. Bill Clinton got his pal Trump to run in 2016 not cause he figured Trump would lose to Hilary but the opposite. Bill had enough of her acting like she could also be President based on her failings as First Lady. That woman wore him out and that was his big revenge.

  16. Technically, all species are equally as advanced in evolution.

  17. Married 4 years to current wife. Im bringing this up if it came to be. Why? Cause she sure brings up some stuff I did a couple years ago. Woman wont let certain things die. This is the vindication I'm waiting for! I'll throw her cheating right back at her. ha!

  18. Next time dad comes to the house, when he falls asleep on the couch I'll pull this up on HBOMAX. When he wakes up it'll get him moving real fast. It's the kind of fun i like to have with him. He's great at giving a good rant. He needs to be on Tucker or Hannity. they'd love him.

  19. Django and the Final Countdown are both considered 2 of the best. Odd that very small boutique companies do fantastic work and then we got iffy Paramount and lacklustre Disney.

  20. Anywho.....I was amazed at how terrific Heavy Metal looks on 4K. It's an absolute gem. Love that flick. Heavy Metal 2000 was garbage though. If you get that packed in then it's a big 'dont bother'

  21. They are keeping an eye on a privately held company that is not breaking any laws. God forbid, Biden and his boys do something worthwhile

  22. stop it. post this over at checo's or mercedes subreddits. we dont need this nonsense here.

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