1. tanisha and amber m. tanisha was one of her bridesmaids iirc

  2. Would it be different if the parents share custody and the show just happened to be filming while the kids spend the summer with dad as usual. Would that make it more acceptable? I feel like I’ve heard bad girls or moms on other reality shows use this as a reason before.

  3. God damn I love Darlen! I loved her when it first aired and loved her on my second watch. She was real.

  4. Right? Maybe if there was group therapy or something constructive.. but lets be real it quickly became lets feed them as much alcohol as possible and give them nothing to do but create drama.

  5. She'd be annoying AF to live with but she was definitely badass in how she withstood the bullying and sticking around to the end. Also she got the most action out of anyone 😂 love that

  6. I hate how they try to make her out to be some weirdo. Like yes she’s most definitely crazy, but Judi Is fine😂.

  7. I haven't done proper research aside from this sub and a 2021 article about a "call for help" tweet/welfare check or something like that. She did seem super wounded and just wanted to be loved

  8. I’ve noticed that. She’s been more down towards Violet lately. It’s been Scout likes to cuddle. Scout can say this better. I think it’s because Scout is doing more now so she’s the better baby. Now Violet is the whiney one. Those girls are going to hate her so much when they get older

  9. You think so? That makes sense. My first thought was she is trolling us mean reddit people

  10. She doesn't that have much love to give - if she has any at all

  11. This is why unfortunately I can’t give my kids the experience of sitting on mall Santa’s lap for a picture during the holidays. I cannot bring myself to make them so vulnerable in a long line at the center of a mall.

  12. I went to the mall during Christmas time and had the same exact thought. I'm childless but even so - it gave me the willies.

  13. I came here to see if there was a new one. The worst part is I believe it won't die down for awhile until that guy out there who has been planning a big one does it. Fucking sucks.

  14. So true, this is the pattern. I'd love to see a graph depicting this phenomenon

  15. Careful, George will find someone who hates him that much irresistible.

  16. I am a fan of Xanax (25yrs) It makes social life better. Interactions with humans comes effortlessly. The dark side of abuse is always right around the corner. DYOR and see if it’s something your willing to take on. Life is better with chemistry for myself. It’s like drinking a beer, no one likes beer The first time they try it. Xanax is the same way. It will make you sleepy. It will make you lazy. It will make you perhaps eat too much. However, over time, use of Xanax becomes a love affair, it becomes where you could become easily addicted because the feeling is great. These choices are ones you must make on your own. For me, Xanax is a miracle drug, and I will always stand behind it.

  17. Ok Maia now make a video talking about how you’ve neglected and treated your daughters like complete shit for 2 years. How many accidents and boo boos have they had?? Too many to count huh? Constantly putting them in dangerous situations. Don’t act all high and mighty and mother of the year when you’ve done nothing but get drunk, neglect your kids, ignore them for hours, basically starved them, exploited the shit out of them so you can sit on your lazy filthy ass while you live off THEIR money,list goes on and on. They got 1 boo-boo on their hand after seeing their dad for almost a year now and you’re trying to spin the narrative as always. Let it go. You suck! You should pay more attention to yourself and how you parent bc you’re absolutely horrible!

  18. Amen. Plus, their faces seem to always be covered in injuries. Now we just don't see them

  19. Char was hands down the worst at throwing out the I'm Classy. Bitch drugged a girl with her boyfriend months before she got on bgc. The classy bitch had a few drunk driving charges as well. Bragging about her age and education and her job was complete shit.

  20. It was definitely something they did to make themselves feel better. Like if you're really classy then you would not be on BGC. 😂😂

  21. Yeah i dont think Annie saying she didn’t want to go to a hip hop club was racist either. At first i did because typically most hip hop songs are by blacks but some people just dont want that vibe for the night so i get that.

  22. Yeah, I just don't like hip hop and would eventually get annoyed if that's the only type of club we went to.

  23. glad he got out of that toxic relationship he was way too sexy to be with that racist bitch

  24. Same, he seemed like an adorable soft spoken guy. The Boston accent made him cuter but that's just me 😆

  25. What the.. she couldn't even keep her mom's backyard neat how would she do anything helpful for parks

  26. I noticed that with the video of her going to a meeting with middle aged men, as she says it.

  27. She is a middle aged man 😂 but in all seriousness, what the heck did she mean by that and why

  28. I don’t think the blurred faces will last long tbh. I think she values views over the babies.

  29. I agree. Besides, hiding their faces doesn't do anything to prevent creeps from doing whatever they do with their images 😡

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