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  1. For me it's ham, something about the taste and texture just makes me yak. I'll eat pork chops, bacon and sausage, but not ham.

  2. Fast & Testimony Meeting. First Sunday of the month, sacrament meeting becomes a sort of open-mike thing. Anyone who wants to can stand up and "bear testimony". It's an open invitation for long-winded ward members to get up and go on and on about their troubles, usually finishing ("Oh God! Enough!" I used to think) with a fervent affirmation that the Lord will send them help.

  3. "Even God himself can't take her." Tell that to Joseph Smith

  4. First it was books then comics then cinema then TV now it's video games...

  5. Nothing like passing the buck on what the actual problem is

  6. Terrible. It gave me a bad view of what sex was supposed to be and a bad view on women. I was 17 at the time. I've worked really hard (and still working on it) to change those views

  7. Geez. A guy at work says that Putin really went into Ukraine for mystical and supernatural reasons. If there's not a conspiracy behind something, he doesn't want anything to do with it.

  8. Is this the famous free speech the right so vigorously defends?

  9. You are clearly brainwashed by liberal propaganda. This man here is a real alpha male and an example of what masculinity should be. /s

  10. 2 for 3. He makes YouTube bull shit and he has a glass of whiskey in practically all of them but he never drinks more than a couple mls of it. I assume he just thinks it looks manly, but finds the taste too yucky to actually be a drunk.

  11. I can't imagine being so scared that anything you do might make you gay.

  12. This guy needs to go back to whichever dimension he's from

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