1. I’ve never been so happy to sit on cash for this doom that bears keep talking about

  2. Idk if sitting cash is right. But who knows. I think assets like real estate are safer but again I’m regarded

  3. another week of faking my personality at work/school so people dont realize im actually depressed

  4. DM me if you need an enemy . Sometimes rivalry can push you ahead

  5. I’m at in n out drive thru, does anyone want anything?

  6. I’m getting you a milkshake and you’re gonna drink it all

  7. Man this makes my heart hurt, I’ve been wanting to adopt a dog but I don’t know if I can after just losing my last dog to cancer 6 months ago . I have a husky who’s 11 right now and I wonder if they’d get along

  8. My mom treats me so good now that I have a girlfriend because she thought I was gay 🥰😘 she doesn’t know I’m bi 😛😛😛

  9. All I want is to make 2k a week and I’d be happy, why am I such a are tard

  10. When you guys say don’t fight the fed do you mean it literally? Because I think I can take jpow

  11. Student loan payments will resume which will put more pressure on student loan forgiveness. But this is why Biden will resume the payments. Now because it’s being held up by Supreme Court/ republicans then Democrats are okay with having a scapegoat and the narrative going into 2024 elections / debates will be that republicans blocked it . It’s all been planned

  12. Whens the next rate hike decision?

  13. Is inflation good if we have fixed debts or will other variables outweigh that

  14. I’ve started implanting Wi-Fi cards into homeless peoples brains so there is Wi-Fi everywhere I go. If you’d like to invest please DM me and I can expand cities

  15. If you don’t own any notable assets, you are fucked. Welcome to toiling away at shithole jobs until we’re 80.

  16. Sometimes getting fired from your soul crushing job is the only way to move on and maybe find one that you actually don’t mind or even like. Good luck man

  17. Why did Janet yellen send me a letter telling her to pay my mortgage to her directly now

  18. I lost so much money betting Jamie Lee Curtis would get slapped at last nights Oscar’s, daddy needs a win today

  19. I slapped her at the after party, go get your money king 👑

  20. Already jerked off once today, Im aiming for two more by the end of the day. Wish me luck

  21. I actually have a decent job I made 70k last year on salary (which I used to think would feel like a lot but it’s not ) while working probably like 50 hours a week average but you’d be surprised how much money is in cleaning houses / offices. I went to school to have a normal salary job with benefits but it doesn’t compare to having your own business

  22. But what do normal People do in the meantime? Just live like normal?

  23. Won $500 yesterday lost $200 today and I can tel you losing $200 Feels way worse than winning. I’m done doing this shit.. until next week probably

  24. Dana white is personally bringing them all down tonight . They all suck. Ended up paying $5 on some sketch website but it’s working

  25. I like how everyone downvoting you or criticizing you is giving their opinions of how to fix homelessness ie raising min wage, apartments. As if these things haven’t been tried. Some people are mentally ill or do not want to be a part of society, I don’t have an answer for that, I don’t think anyone does yet. I want there to be an answer, I want everyone to have some place they can call home. But for now, let’s not give powers to turn Vegas into the next Portland and Seattle

  26. $11 for sausage McMuffin combo but hi c orange is back so calls on MCdonalds

  27. I work for one of the biggest subcontractors in Nevada we only do work for home builders. We build new homes. What’s going on in march and April? Some of our builders just released calendars for tentative starts in march and April and there’s a huge increase . It was slow February

  28. I thought ima get it. Two rounds of questions and interview. But I didn’t get the job bruh

  29. Sorry dude, I just had two rounds and one interview and I’m probably not gonna get it. We gotta keep trying

  30. Do y’all think Mexico would get dragged into WW3? Thinking about moving down there, rather deal with the narcos then getting shipped off to cold ass Russia

  31. I hope my remote interview went well 😞 government job . 4 day work week.

  32. That’s cool, good for him, I hope I can retire with benefits one day too

  33. I applied for a government job I thought I had no business in and now I made it past the resume stage and made it past the written exams stage and now I have an interview. But now I’m scared of actually getting it

  34. Pays a little less than my current job but benefits are a million times better

  35. Incels are so weird. like dude. sorry you're ugly, blame your parents. not women

  36. World news is boring lately, can Russia do something interesting already

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