1. That's really early in the year, so the weather is a huge gamble. Bring a parka.

  2. I followed a few guidelines someone offered here: No extreme measures 4, no clauses that make you weaker or keep you weak (like boon purging, less boon options). 7-minute deadline. Always go for the free room (the ones that don’t involve enemies).

  3. Yeah the question is kinda like "the entire house is one fire which individual brick would you save" lol

  4. I was closing the post as I saw this. Took a minute to process: had to come back and find you for an upvote.

  5. Coming back and searching to upvote: Probably the highest honor a redditor can bestow. Cheers!

  6. The thing is focal length is a property of the lens, not the body. A 35mm lens is 35mm regardless of what body it is mounted onto.

  7. Went on to share the big screen with the likes of Raul Julia, Anjelica Houston, Christina Ricci and Christopher Lloyd.

  8. Or Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzman, Fred Armisten…and Christina Ricci again.

  9. Kinda hated the de-aging they used on the new show. They should have asked Lucasfilm for their tech since the rest of that hand looked great on The Mandalorian and BoBF.

  10. There’s a lot of stuff that “good glass” does better than cheap lenses.

  11. Naturally you already received advice on what you’re asking. So I’ll just leave a thought.

  12. You're right, she isn't heavily invested in the D3500. Just the 2 lens that came with it when we purchased it.

  13. At $750 body only, you’re (or well, your wife is) better off with the Z5 body only @ $999. Z glass is more expensive, yes, but if it’s turning into a business, she’ll be in a better position to offer better quality pictures.

  14. Wow, people here hate god mode.

  15. Not my experience. I’ve mostly seen people here applauding god mode as a way to make the game accessible to all gamers. I myself would have quit this game long ago if not for it.

  16. I’m going completely by my intuition here but I assume it’s a feature of the lens. Ultimately it’s the lens the one that has the information about what position in its focus is equivalent to what distance. It’s something that naturally varies lens by lens, so I assume that it’s a lens feature. Do I make sense? Then again, maybe some cameras are able to embed that information and some aren’t.

  17. I’m not sure I’d be willing to part with a 35/1.8S to get the 24-70/2.8S. The 35, even if you don’t love it, is so versatile.

  18. That's... super freaking true. Show up late ALL the time, put some flowers around some chairs and tables, and then go home. Oh and get paid the same as the photographer who is there for 10 hours working their butt off, then all the time spent editing. Yep, I'm a florist now.

  19. Wasn’t this whole post meant to be a joke?

  20. No, yeah. Started as a joke. I just didn’t understand if at some point it became serious? I don’t know.

  21. I tend to go for mom pom unless I'm looking for a specific build

  22. That’s what I’ve been doing lately. Mom Pom and come what may. Also started using the aspects I don’t regularly used. I’ve ended up with some very interesting builds and discovered how some aspects and boons work together. It adds another layer of fun to this game.

  23. Everyone that has had a baby has felt that in some form or with something they enjoy. You’re sleep deprived, and most of your waking time is spent doing baby related stuff (or, well, working).

  24. Very much this. Baby just turned one month old and it seems he's colicky which doesn't make things easier.

  25. There’s also this thing that happened with my second child. They call it the witching hour. She’d just cry and cry from like 6-9pm everyday until she was like 3 months old. It was heartbreaking and incredibly exhausting.

  26. Depends on how light or heavy you’re traveling. Solo? Partner? Kids? I’d take the Z6ii with the 14-30 and 24-200. Maaaaybe the 40mm for convenience and low light.

  27. Parent of two young ones here. At that budget you’re better off getting a good phone. Hard to beat the convenience of it. And as someone else mentioned, carrying gear gets cumbersome when you have to carry around a diaper bag.

  28. It sounds like you really have no reason to upgrade. Will it be a better camera? Sure, I have one. But if you don’t use it that much, you don’t have or want to spend on glass, and your current setup works… I don’t see why other than just the feeling of buying something nice.

  29. Question from a potential buyer: when you say low-light, is that like dawn/dusk level light? Or more night time?

  30. It struggles a bit in dusk/dawn already. However, I should also say that I mostly photograph my kids and they’re 4 and 2 y/o toddlers so they don’t stand still. If your subjects are capable of following simple instructions, you should be more than fine. It’s all about understanding the AF system in mirrorless, which is a bit difference from DSLR and has a bit of a learning curve.

  31. The tripod is sturdy, I'm broke and new to photography, and $3 at goodwill so not much to lose if it doesn't work out.

  32. You could also consider something like a black rapid and attach to the lens tripod mount.It'll also reduce the stress between camera and lens.

  33. Second this. A 150-600mm is too much stress on the camera to be carrying around with a strap.

  34. Depends on what you want it for. I had a P510, a predecessor of the P1000. It just got to 1000mm-equivalent and it was incredibly fun to use. But the P1000 is way bulkier and has an insane 3000mm-equivalent reach.

  35. I can't imagine how heavy and bulky would an interchangeable lens camera be with even half that reach though, and it would cost a fortune :)

  36. Of course. My point is that, really, the only reason to have that camera is the crazy reach it has, and yeah, at that price point it’s not even close to anything else on the market. But at 1000mm and beyond you’re getting a lot of distortion (and that would be a problem for any camera/lens combo no matter how expensive) and you won’t be getting very useful photographs so the is reach not something that you need but mostly something fun to play with.

  37. Can't say it was my favorite line but yeah, I never had a problem with it. I also didn't have a huge problem with Poe's "Somehow Palpatine returned," line. Palpatine was dead, as far as they knew, he returned and Poe didn't know how. What else was he supposed to say? Like you said, it's not Shakespeare but neither is how we talk in real life.

  38. The problem with “Somehow Palpatine returned” is not the delivery. It’s the fact that because the sequel trilogy has no underlying plan and no structure, the best JJ could come up with was Palpatine returning. But how would that happen, you say? Well, somehow.

  39. But that is exactly my point. What was Poe supposed to say when he doesn't know how? If you set your phone down on the table next to your bed and when you woke up it was broken are you supposed to launch into this long speech of exactly what happened when you have no idea?

  40. No, no, I understand that. I know Poe really wouldn’t have anything better to say than “Somehow”. But what I’m saying is, the criticism of that line is not aimed at the oversimplification that a pilot would have to make. At least for me, it’s aimed at the fact that people that get paid big bucks to deliver the next installment in a multi-billion dollar franchise really couldn’t do anything better than somehow bringing back from the dead the baddie of the previous films. So while “I don’t like sand” is criticized as crappy dialogue, “Somehow Palpatine returned” is just the representation of the complete lack of planning for the sequel trilogy as a whole.

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