Chinese army bringing out the tanks 11/28/2022

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Kevin Conroy, Voice of Batman, Dead at 66

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  1. And they will never change until Fox News and anything like it is wiped out.

  2. Beast Wars was my favorite show as a kid. I think I never missed an episode for a long time. I haven’t been this excited for a Transformer’s movie since the first one.

  3. I work as a vendor with the construction companies that are working in Colorado and on the western slope. They've made some excellent progress within the past 2-3 years with replacing the lead infrastructure and the population has made leaps and bounds as well. I was out in Durango last week and have been told they've discovered fire. Great news, especially right before winter.

  4. They did ALMOST vote out the dog murderer, so they are definitely becoming sentient.

  5. I don’t know, I always felt like he brought weird vibes. Everything seems more relaxed after he leaves.

  6. You don’t have to enhance video anymore. It’s pretty good, and if you watched the news article, the phone video the mother took is really good. I don’t have faith the LAPD will do their jobs, but this person is absolutely right about how they could accomplish finding him.

  7. Where the heck you diving at the Bed Bath and Beyond front window?

  8. I like the purple hair ladies shabby I just got up and am having my coffee with my perfect face full of makeup

  9. Sailor Moon and Bulma from the Namek era of Dragonball Z. VaVaVOOOM

  10. This is one of the more sad deaths for me. Absolutely a legend of voice acting.

  11. Kurt Bardella, who serves as a strategist for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Democratic National Committee, made the suggestion while speaking to MSNBC's Joy Reid.

  12. After last night, I think we need to lower the voting age to below 60.

  13. Nice to know we will never lose that record. Just kidding. Now I’m sad.

  14. Anyone who watched Season four knew it was the end. They literally wrote a competition.

  15. That customer deserves to not have AC or heat for a day or two or three or four

  16. Ok, so we’re all in agreement that we should never look at it’s face, right?

  17. She definitely did a few things I didn’t like, but damn if I didn’t respect her by the end of it all.

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